Want to Become a Water Slide Tester? [Must Know Things] Career Guide

Indeed become a water slide tester is quite fascinating, thrilling and adventures.

Who does not like to ride the water slides in the summer hot weather? And if you will get paid for just doing water sliding there is nothing better than this in the world.

Yah! It’s like a dream comes true. Have a job while having fun, seems to like a dazzling career option.

But before opting for this career option, you must have to consider some certain things which are mentioned below in this article. It would be worth reading if you are thinking to go with this career path.

So Let’s dive right in.

become a water slide tester

About the Water Slide Testing

Most people assume that it is the easiest jobs in the world and they can easily make money by just doing different types of water slide rides. Although, the truth is slightly different than you think.

It’s not as simple as it seems.

Yes, there is no doubt to become a water slide tester is one of the amazing and coolest professions around the world. But to become a water slide tester, you must have strong physic to tackle the muscle stress and stretch during the ride.

To maintain the physic, you need to do regular exercises and take the proper nutrition and diet.

If you are not a person with good physic be ready to grow some muscle (You don’t have to be an Arnold) to handle muscle stress while testing water slides.

2 Necessary Things Every Water Slide Tester Should Know

Water slide tester must know about these two fun factors. These two factors are responsible for the success of every water slide ride in the world.

[ Factor 1 ] Adrenaline

Adrenaline activates in the body when a person feeling excitement, fear, or anger.  And because of this, a person may face increasing rates of blood circulation, heavy breathing, and increment in heartbeats.

[ Factor 2 ] Biggest Splash

When an object opposes the water surface then, a splash generate.

An experienced water slide tester can determine the above two factors in a few moments and can tell that this slide will be stressful for the people or else stress relieving.

As being a water slide tester, you have to repeat the same slide a few times to get the correct data so that you can be able to give honest opinions about the water slides to your employers.

Sometimes you may also get some minor injuries during your water slide testing jobs.

I hope you got that. In the world, there are no such types of job, which does not have a struggle and the same applies for this job.

The only thing that does every job easy is your passion and dedication to the job.


What are the Education & Skills required to become a Water Slide Tester?

Absolutely! You do not need any academic degree and some most robust skills set to become a water slide tester.

If you have entered into your adulthood (18 or above is the ideal age) then congratulations you can apply for this job.

These are some basic skills you need to have…

  • Observation
  • Stable and calm mind
  • Daring to ride all types of ride
  • Be active on Social media (like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

If you do not have any of these skills then no need to worry, all the skills you will get to learn while doing the water slide testing.

There will be no coach to train you. That means you have to teach yourself.

Seb Smith who has qualified to become a water slide tester for the travel based company First Choice at the age of 22. Read his interview with First Choice

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Water Slide Tester Job Description

Obviously! You are going to test water slides. Apart from this, you would have a certain amount of job duties that you have to accomplish while examining the water slides. These are the following job duties you would be responsible for…

  • Ensure the safety measures are up to the mark of the water slide rides.
  • Assure before the opening of the slides. Would this ride be enjoyable and thrilling (No! Not that much thrilling that no one is going to jump over the ride) enough for the public?
  • Note down every aspect of the ride either it is bad or good.
  • Give honest feedback to the water slide technicians and managers or someone who is currently in charge.
  • If the ride has some safety issues, then as a water slide tester, you are responsible for helping the technical person to improve safety while being the ride enjoyable and vice versa.
  • Measures the right slipperiness and time taken to complete a ride.
  • Find out the coolest features on the slide and sometimes they also suggest the name of the rides.
  • Test the slides and give the overall rating.
  • Distinguish the water park ride based on age. And mark the age restriction on those water slides.
  • Review the water theme park rides on social media to make people aware, so that theme park get some popularity among the people.

In brief, you would be responsible to check the safety measures, height, speed, water quantity and the time taken to complete water slide in the amusement parks.

Using few words, you can define the job responsibility of a water slide tester; They have to ensure people must have Max fun with Max safety


Career Scope in Water Slide Testing 

The resorts and water theme park only needed water slide tester in the summer. And also no tester will agree to do the test ride in the winter.

Therefore a water slide testing is not a full-time job (Sadly!). This a 4 to 6 months job and the rest of the month you would be a jobless person.

IMO college students are the perfect candidates to become a water slide tester.

If you decide to opt for this career and want to become a professional water slide tester full-time. Then you have to wait every year for next summer. You can say that you will be like unemployed for 4 to 5 months every single year.

Or you can do some other jobs for a few months while waiting for the summer. So keep this in mind before choosing this career option. And then apply for water slide tester job. Although getting this dream job of yours could be a bit tougher than you think.

But at last, being a water slide tester is definitely a Fun! And Amazing Job opportunity.

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You can watch these two videos to get some more details about a water slide tester.

[1] This video provides details on how a water slide tester test water slides and make them enjoyable and successful.

[2] Watch this video to know about the lifestyle and working hours of legendary water slide tester – Deb Poole. She chose water slide testing as a full-time career option and make it a profession. Know Deb Poole practice sessions and how she feels about their job.

Water Slide Tester Salary? How much you can Expect?

After knowing, there is a kind of job that I can do while having fun, by becoming a “water slide tester.”

Now the question popping up in mind is as to how much I would make by testing water slides, is it able to pay my bills? It is obvious to know if you want to make a career in water slide testing.

Being a water slide tester you can earn anything in between $30,000 – $34,000 annually.

Like I explained earlier this is a seasonal job you can’t do this job in the winter season. Therefore, you only get salaries from five to eight months, i.e. you can earn $30,000 to $34,000 within 8 months.

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I hope this article “How to become a water slide tester” help you to decide; Is becoming a water slide tester a right career option… or not? And able to give the information you are seeking.


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