5 Best CBIC Exam Prep Books/ Study Guides for [2024] Exam

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One of the most challenging exams faced by young aspirants is the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology (CBIC) examination. This one is a difficult one to get through but not impossible.

Many aspirants in history have made it possible with a secret methodology. The secret is to read from the right CBIC Exam Prep Resources. The hardwork, passion, and the CBIC Study Guides can help you achieve the best test scores.

Don’t worry at all. We have prepared a list of the 5 Best CBIC Exam Prep Books for proper guidance. These study guides are the most read and recommended by successful epidemiologists who have already achieved their dream career.


Best CBIC Exam Prep Books For Qualifying With Graceful Marks

It’s never too late to start preparing for the CBIC exams. With the help of the complete CBIC Test Prep Books you can do wonderfully well in the exam. Here is the list of our 3 best picks from the entire range of available CBIC Exam Study Guides.

  1. Best Pick: CBIC Exam Secrets Study Guide is one of the Best CBIC Exam Books that we would recommend to any aspirant at the peak preparation hour.
  2. Best Value Pick: CBIC Exam Practice Questions is the complete study guide with ample number of questions for practice.
  3. Best Budget Pick: CBIC Study Guide not just provides the overview of all the test sections but saves the pocket from hole.

You can read about the details of the above mentioned best guides in the upcoming section. The details on a unique style of learning, Flashcards study system for CBIC is also given. Choose any that guarantees your success.


1. CBIC Exam Secrets Study Guide

The CBIC Exam Secrets Study Guide is one of the best textbooks on the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology examination (CBIC) preparation. It is written by epidemiology experts and recommended for thorough preparations.

Since the exam is very challenging, and complete preparedness is essential for ensuring success. It is an exemplary preparation guide for anyone who wishes to score exceptionally well in this exam.

The test section includes topics such as identification of infectious diseases, processes, and the method of investigation. Topics like-infection prevention, control, program management and communication, education topics, infection control aspects of employee health, and much more are also covered.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • Enough number of practice test questions with detailed explanatory answers
  • Online step by step video tutorials for clear explanations of difficult concepts
  • Tips and strategies for boosting the performance
  • Brief and clear-cut review of all the CBIC test sections
  • The guide is stuffed with critical information relevant to the exams

How this book helps you to prepare for your exam?

It includes concepts, procedures, principles, and vocabulary expected in the CBIC exam. All the information that is key to pass the exam, practice questions with answers, and online review videos are very productive.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5


2. CBIC Study Guide

The CBIC Study Guide is an exam preparation book with practice questions for the CBIC examination. The exams are typical, and so is the preparation. This guide is going to save your time with maximum readiness.

The textbook covers the latest information, Real-world examples, illustrative diagrams, and easy to use material. Aspirants appearing for the first time can get good scores with this guide. The tips and strategies will boost the confidence of the examinees.

The guide includes relevant topics such as identification of infectious diseases, the method of analysis, surveillance and change, occupational health programs, leadership management and communication, education, and much more.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • Complete review of all the test sections
  • Comprehensive and easy to understand language
  • Lots of practice questions for improving performance
  • Test tips, strategies, and tricks to score higher marks
  • Time saving and maximum preparedness in less time

How this book helps you to prepare for your exam?

This test preparation study guide is comprehensive, detailed, and includes the latest information. The real-world examples clear the concepts. Practice test questions help in the fastest, easiest, and powerful preparation. The guide guarantees a high score in the exam.

Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5


3. CBIC Exam Practice Questions

CBIC Exam Practice Questions is one of the most recommended guide for CBIC examination preparation. CBIC examinations demand practice. Only practice can make you perfect. This guide essentially focuses on the area of question practicing.

The advantage of CBIC Exam Practice Questions is that helps in self-examination. You can measure your strengths and weaknesses with every practice test you take. For already prepared candidates, this guide works as a bonus.

Most of the practice questions are based on the relevant topics from each test section. Topics such as- identification of infectious diseases, surveillance, analysis, and much more are included. The questions from health programs, communication, and education are also there.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • Lots of practice questions available for thorough preparation
  • Self- assessment mechanism to improve the weak areas
  • Comprehensive and easy to understand
  • Simple and easy language used
  • Advantageous for already prepared aspirants
  • Detailed explanation answers for every question

How this book helps you to prepare for your exam?

The guide is supremely helpful at the end hours of exam preparation. The most expected questions from the CBIC exam are there. The thorough preparation would boost your confidence. The chances to perform well would gradually increase.

Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5


4. CBIC Exam Flashcard Study System

CBIC Exam Flashcard Study System is a different and effective CBIC preparation method. This book can mark your success the moment you start to read it. Performing well in the exam can open new doors of amazing opportunities in the respective field.

The flashcard provides a brief overview of each section significant for the exam. The relevant topics included are- Identification of Infectious Disease Processes, Surveillance and Epidemiological Investigation, Infection Prevention and control, Program management and communication and much more.

The education section and Infection control aspects of employee health are important topics from the examination point-of-view. The guide is positively reviewed for the efficacy it hand overs to the readers.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • Flashcards are short descriptions with complete overview
  • Easy language, straightforward text, and comprehensive style
  • Easily memorable due to the format of writing
  • Only necessary data is retained
  • Easy to carry and read even while travelling

How this book helps you to prepare for your exam?

Flashcard system is an efficient compilation of all the quintessential information in tiny, digestible text formats. These critical content are key to passing the examination. Reading and repetition of same content will be easily memorized by the aspirant. It assures better preparation.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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5. CBIC Study Guide: Practice Questions

CBIC Study Guide: Practice Questions is a compilation of the most expected questions in the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology Exam (CBIC). The thorough practice from this textbook can help to achieve your career goal.

To excel in the examination, you must practice hard. The guide includes significantly relevant questions from every test section. Questions from topics of infectious diseases, assessment, analysis, and much more are included.

The high frequencies of questions for boosting the performance in the CBIC exam are included. You can get this guide for enhancing your preparedness and confidence level. It is recommended by many readers who have availed massive benefit from it.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • Easy to understand guide
  • Simple language and straightforward text
  • Comprehensive guide with non-technical words
  • Abundant questions for qualifying exam with graceful marks
  • Enhancing confidence with enough practice

How this book helps you to prepare for your exam?

This guide includes all the anticipated questions from CBIC. Only the indispensable and to-the-point questions are included. The practice of the most expected ones would help in improving your performance. You can observe a significant change in your marks.

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5

In this article, we bring you the 5 Best CBIC exam books for preparing you well for the exams. The best picks by us are already mentioned in the initial section. We would also recommend you to have a look at the details of the flashcard study system due to its effectiveness.

Choose the one that meets your eligibility. You can go for the detailed ones if you are preparing from the dust. For aspirants with previous knowledge and an idea about the exam can go for the practice question textbooks.