3 Best CMC Exam Prep Books/ CMC Cardiac Medicine Study Guides Review

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With the increasing risks of heart disease and the number of cardiac patients in the world today, the concerns of the healthcare society have risen. Talking specifically of the USA, the problem of cardiovascular diseases and heart complications is way higher than in any other country. In such a scenario, it is compelling to get the most experienced and taught nurses to take care of such ill patients.

The CMC Certification of nurses is an answer to the crisis of less number of professionally certified nurses. To provide direct care to critically ill adult cardiac patients, the Cardiac Medication Certification (CMC) examination is conducted by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN). This exam certifies the nurses with the ability to take care of critical and adult cardiac patients.

If you are planning to appear in a CMC exam for such a certification, then you should prepare for it with the utmost sincerity and seriousness. In addition to that, the best CMC study guides will show you the right way.


Best CMC Exam Prep Books/ Study Guides For Achieving Success in One Attempt

Becoming a certified nurse with special skills in taking care of critically ill adult cardiac patients is not an easy job at all. This requires rigorous study and hours of practice. Most importantly, clearing the exam with graceful marks will earn you a CMC nurse certificate from the AACN.

  • Out of the best exam preparation books, we recommend you buy CMC Exam Secrets Study Guide¬†since it covers every single topic expected in the exam. It provides an overall picture of the exam pattern, practice questions, and a brief review of each test section.

There are two more CMC cardiac medicine study books mentioned below to help you in getting through this exam. You can read about the flashcards study system too in the upcoming section.

1. Ace the CMC: You Can Do It!

Ace the CMC: You Can Do It! study guide serves the purpose of preparing for the CMC examination accurately. It is written down in a precise format. Around 100 practice questions in the quiz format are provided along with the explanations of answers. The guide has reviews on the basics of the cardiac system.

It also emphasizes on other relevant topics of heart failure, vascular issues, cardiac arrest, inflammatory diseases, hemodynamic monitoring, acute coronary syndrome and medication table, and so on. Only the necessary data is covered in bullet points to keep it simple and short.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • The questions in the form of quizzes are given
  • This guide includes more than a hundred practice questions
  • Answers and rationale for each question are provided
  • Bullet points are used for the key information only
  • Self-assessment is feasible after taking the tests

How this book helps you to prepare for your exam?

Must buy for experienced nurses as a quick reference. This guide brushes up the previous knowledge of the nurses and professionals. It is written clearly and concisely which is easy to follow by the readers. The abundant practice questions help in thorough revision and learning.

Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5


2. CMC Exam Secrets Study Guide

CMC Exam Secrets Study Guide fully prepares the aspirants for assured success in the CMC examination. It is a comprehensive guide written in a simple style. The guide has essential topics on patient problems such as pulmonary, endocrine, hematology, neurology, renal, and so on.

The nursing interventions section throws light on cardiology and pulmonary intervention. The monitoring section is equally important and has details on cardiology and pulmonary monitoring. It is the best pick by us for any CMC exam aspirant.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • Only the key-specific information is included in the details
  • Very well-organized and comprehensive text
  • Technically accurate and easily accessible
  • Less use of dense academic language
  • Explanation of answers in-depth for a crystal clear understanding of concepts

How this book helps you to prepare for your exam?

This guide will assure your bright future in the CMC examination. It has all the test-taking strategies, practice questions, answers and explanations, section reviews, and much more. It fully prepares the examinees to excel in every test section.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5

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3. CMC Exam Flashcard Study System

CMC Exam Flashcard Study System is an interesting method of preparing for the CMC exam. This flashcard system will help you in utilizing your time in the best possible way.

It has short and precise notes on cardiac patient problems such as pulmonary, neurology, renal, endocrine, and hematology. The nursing interventions sections and monitoring sections are dedicated to cardiology and pulmonary conditions.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • It includes only the critical information related to the exam
  • Repetitive reading of the flashcards enables memorization
  • Short, clear, and to-the-point review sections
  • Portable, small, hence easy to carry and read while traveling
  • Aspirants prepare the most in the least time

How this book helps you to prepare for your exam?

For quick reference, nurses and professionals can take a peek into this flashcards study system. It is extremely helpful in preparing in a short time. This only contains the necessary information in easy, concise, and simple language. Portable and easy to carry too.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5

In this article, we have discussed the 3 best CMC study guides for the preparation of the certification exam by AACN. The preparation for such a difficult exam requires an understanding of the exam pattern and a strong revision of each test section. This can be achieved by opting for the best CMC study books.

We have recommended the best book for you along with our rating. If you are a quick learner with some previous knowledge then you can go for the flashcards study system.

With the help of this certification, you can take care of critically ill adult cardiac patients in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare systems, travel in airplanes, Intensive Care Units (ICUs), and so on. The greatest advantage is that you can take care of the nearest and dearest ones in family and friends.

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