7 Best (NREMT) EMT Prep Books/ Study Guides for [2024] Exam

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It takes a lot more than what you might expect to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Giving EMT examination is the shortest and most crucial period in an aspirant’s life.

Difficulties must never cease you from trying. A good guidebook can fix all your EMT exam prep problems within a few days. Here we have compiled a list of the 7 Best EMT Exam Prep Books for you.

Given below is the description of the top picks by us for EMT exam study guides. It will provide you with better learning capabilities and examination excelling skills. Choose wisely among them.


Best (NREMT) EMT Exam Prep Books for Excellency in Exam Results

There are hundreds of books available in the market that can help you in scoring good marks in the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) examination. But, you need the Best EMT Prep Books for appearing in a tough competition like this.

The 3 Best buys that every aspirant must go for are given below.

  1. Best Pick: EMT Exam Review Secrets Study Guide, overall, it has the best reviews, content and preparation strategies.
  2. Best Value Pick: EMT Study Guide Exam Prep Book, it covers all the subjects and has abundant questions for practise.
  3. Best Budget Pick: EMT Crash Course, it perfectly fits the budget and preparation needs of an aspirant.

We hope that these 3 meet your needs instantly. Along with improving your results, our choices are going to help you in boosting your confidence level too. However, if you want, you can have a look at the brief descriptions of each of the EMT Test Prep Books given below.


1. EMT Exam Review Secrets Study Guide

EMT exam review secrets study guide is an ideal preparation textbook for the aspirants who wish to secure good marks in their NREMT emergency medical technician exam. The exam is very challenging, and only extraordinary preparation can ensure success.

Out-of-the-box preparation requires the best study material. This guide includes the review of essential subjects from the area of medical, legal, ethical, airway, trauma, cardiology, medical emergencies, obstetrics, and paediatrics, geriatrics operations, and much more.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • It is stocked with the best practice test questions, along with detailed answer explanations
  • To bring out the best performance in the examination, a section for tips and study strategies are provided
  • The book is filled with the critical information needed for obtaining high scores
  • The concept, procedures, principles, and vocabulary expected in the NREMT examination are also included in this guide

How this book is essential for your EMT exam?

The textbook provides the key elements for passing the exam. Essential test preparation takes place with the help of practice questions and detailed explanatory answers for each one of them. One of the best EMT Exam Study Guides for aspirants.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5


2. EMT Study Guide: Exam Prep Book

EMT study guide exam prep book comes with brand-new information relevant to the examination. This test prep guide offers a critical and full review of the essential subjects.

The reviews on human anatomy, physiology, patient assessment, and transfer, respiratory, cardiovascular, medical, environmental, and psychiatric emergencies, trauma, special populations, EMS operations, psychomotor exam, obstetrical emergencies, and much more are included with sophistication.

It comes with two full practice tests that would provide a live examination experience. The preparation materials are available in an online format as well.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • There are free practice questions, online flashcards, study ‘cheat’ sheets, and 35 test tips and strategies to be followed while giving the exam
  • The real-world examples in the appropriate context will help the reader in understanding the concepts clearly
  • The work through practice problems is the best part of this study guide

How this book is essential for your EMT exam?

The test study material is available online. The questions are provided along with detailed explanation of answers. The real-life examples are brilliant for grasping the concepts. These materials prepare the examinee for the cutting edge competition.

Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5


3. EMT Flashcard Book

EMT flashcard book is a compilation of the complete set of flashcards that would help you in cracking the EMT exam with ease. If you wish to score high in this exam, then these flashcards are everything you need for preparing at the last hour.

The experts with more than 30 years of experience in the EMS arenas have written the content of this textbook. The flashcards provide the right guidance to choose wisely in a multiple choice question format, just like in the real exam.

It has more than 400 questions that will cover all the subjects of the EMT exam like breathing, cardiology, airway, medical, paediatrics, trauma, obstetrics, and much more. The icons help the reader in navigating the questions by subject.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • This guide is a quick reference and helps in practicing answering the questions appropriately
  • The examinee can attempt questions in specific areas to test their potential
  • It also includes fun facts about the history of the EMT profession.
  • The reasons explaining why an answer is correct is crucial, it includes that

How this book is essential for your EMT exam?

The organization of flashcards is commendable. It is portable and hence makes the study easier. The concise questions and brief answers format makes the process of remembering the right answers easy.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5


4. EMT Crash Course with Online Practice Test

EMT crash course is a quick refresher book for examinees before taking the NREMT certification exam. This book is like the last-minute preparation guide for optimum preparation. It is composed by an expert with 30 years of experience in the EMT arena.

The book is in the review format that allows rapid revision of the examinees. The book covers all the essential information needed for qualifying the exam. The textbook covers all the necessary test categories such as airways, ventilation, trauma, cardiology, medical, oxygenation, and EMS operations.

The important terminologies are written down. Around 400 medical terms are penned down. Full length online mock exam for test-readiness. Tips and tricks on performing extraordinarily in the exam.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • All the necessary medical terminology that is going to affect the overall test score is included
  • The examinees can take a full length online practice exam before appearing for the real one
  • Written in precise format, hence the readers study only relevant stuff
  • Special insights on building the resume and information on finding training opportunities are given for the users.

How this book is essential for your EMT exam?

This EMT study guide is packed with the best practice questions and their responses at the end of every chapter. The tips and strategies for performing most efficiently are included. These tests help in developing confidence and strengthening the weak areas.

Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5


5. EMT Book Exam Prep: NREMT Study Guide

EMT book exam prep is the one of the helpful study preparation book for NREMT based examination for becoming the Emergency Medical Technician. If you really wish to score exceptionally well in this exam, you must give this book a thought.

This comprehensive study guide includes a full review of prominent topics of the airway, Respiration, ventilation, cardiology, trauma, medical obstetrics, gynaecology, operations, and much more. It includes a quick overview of the exam and the process.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • It covers the essential tips, strategies, and tricks to be followed during exam preparation and later
  • It includes plentiful practice questions for thorough preparation of the examinee
  • Every practice question is provided with a detailed explanation and a suitable answer
  • To ace your test, you must rely on a book that includes everything.

How this book is essential for your EMT exam?

It has the latest test-taking strategies to be adopted by students. The complete review of the chapters will help in remembering everything at their fingertips. This book is a valuable source for quick preparation in the peak hours before the exam.

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5


6. NREMT Exam Prep 2019-2020

NREMT exam preparation book is a study guide that includes an abundant number of test questions and answers for all the essential subjects. Practicing questions is an essential part of every entrance examination. The more you practice the better is the score. This guide fulfils that requirement by providing more than 200 questions for the EMT exam.

If you want to perform brilliantly well in the exam with the best practice on solving questions, then this book is for you. It comes with brief explanation of every question. The answers are simple to understand. Medical terminologies based questions are there too.

Questions belonging to the subjects of airways, breathing, respiratory, cardiology, emergencies, trauma, and much more are written in brief.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • This guide will help the student in full preparation
  • A brief explanation of every answer and question is given at the end of the book
  • More than 220 questions are given
  • It includes the basics theoretical questions that are most likely to be asked in a basic EMT exam.

How this book is essential for your EMT exam?

An aspirant who dreams to become an Emergency Medical Technician should definitely get this EMT study guide instantly. For students who wish to score high marks, this book could be a great help. Since it has been written down keeping high scorers in mind.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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7. NREMT Study Guide: A Comprehensive No-fluff Review

NREMT study guide is one of the best EMT examination preparation book. It is composed to help EMT aspirants to pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam. The guide is very comprehensive, provides the necessary and to the point information necessary to pass the exam with grace.

The essential topics covered in this guide include anatomy, physiology, medical terminologies, pathophysiology, CPR, airway management, medical administration, shock/hypo-perfusion, medical emergencies, trauma, burn injuries, labour and delivery, EMS operations, self-protection, lifting and movement of patients, proper documentation, special patient population, and much more.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • This is a study guide that contains an ample number of complete practice exam questions
  • It contains thoroughly researched and studied questions that match the quality of a real EMT exam
  • This also provides a detailed explanation of answers for every question
  • The reason why an answer is correct is also explained

How this book is essential for your EMT exam?

Overall this guide is very helpful for all the aspirants since it has every important information without any fluff. Every essential topic is included with the possible questions expected from them.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5


8. EMT- Emergency Medical Technician (Quick Study Academic) Pamphlet

An Emergency Medical Technician Pamphlet is a handy reference study tool for EMT training of aspirants and EMTs already working in the field. This pamphlet includes a large section describing anatomy, physiology, the pathophysiology of all the major body systems, common disorders, and injury management.

There are helpful illustrations and tabular data for quick information retrieval. An essential study guide for quick reference. The pamphlet is laminated, hence the shelf life is more. It saves the time of the reader, all the necessary data is concise and demonstrated on a single pamphlet.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • Short precise and to the point information
  • Colourful diagrams and illustrations for clearing the concept
  • Tabular data for quick reference
  • Easy to carry, handy, portable
  • Laminated for a longer lifespan

How this book is essential for your EMT exam?

It is easy to carry and take a peek while traveling. This pamphlet, along with a good question practice set, can help in scoring excellent grades in the exam.

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5

In this article, we focus on the best EMT Exam Prep books available for passionate aspirants. We have already mentioned the best picks by us at the starting of this article.

Undoubtedly, EMT examinations are not simple at all, and cracking them is no child’s play. If you sincerely wish to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), give serious thought to these study guides.

We hope it helps you in identifying your weaknesses and strengths. Pick the best guide textbook and obtain the marks you always wished to score.

Apart from above-listed exam preparation books. We would also like to recommend these 6 EMT and paramedic books, will give you a head start in your career.

These books are educational as well as inspirational, help you to get into the healthcare field as an emergency medical technician. Must have Books!

  1. Trauma Room Two – by Philip Allen Green
  2. Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured
  3. Population: 485- Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time
  4. Report from Ground Zero Paperback – by Dennis Smith
  5. Trauma Junkie: Memoirs of an Emergency Flight Nurse
  6. FRESH OUT OF EMT SCHOOL – by Albert Reyes