5 Best NCMHCE Study Guides to Pass the Exam in [2023]

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Examinations are a part of life, and those examinations which decide the careers are the most important ones. NCMHCE is one such important exam that requires rigorous preparation and passion for achieving decent scores.

Preparation with completeness is essential. Hence, the best NCMHCE study guides will help you in doing so. These 5 best NCMHCE test prep books are powerful for every such NCMHCE exam preparation.

The National Clinical Mental Health Counselling Examination (NCMHCE) preparation can only be done appropriately with the right choice of study guides. You can achieve your desired scores. Given below is the description of the best picks by us for the same purpose.

Best NCMHCE Study Guides Aimed at Scoring Great Marks

There are plenty of books and study guides available online for NCMHCE preparation. It might get confusing to you to choose the one that helps you in overall preparation. Therefore, we have prepared a quick list of the three best picks based on the content, value, and budget.

The three best pics by us are given below.

  1. Best Pick: NCMHCE Secrets Study Guide, includes both reviews on the subject and practice questions, one of the best NCMHCE study guide.
  2. Best Value Pick: NCMHCE Practice Questions, for scoring better marks. It has abundant questions that would make you fully prepared.
  3. Best Budget Pick: NCMHCE Study Guide, fits perfectly to the budget of a student and the preparation needs as well.

We think that these three guides are the best NCMHCE test prep guides based on our analysis and the features they offer. You can read about them and other NCMHCE Exam Study Guides with a complete description in the next section.


1. NCMHCE Secrets Study Guide

NCMHCE Secrets Study Guide is a complete and ideal preparation solution for every aspirant who wishes to score great marks in the NCMHCE examination. This study guide includes an enormous number of practice test questions, video tutorials in a step-by-step format for the preparation of difficult concepts.

The counseling assessment and diagnosis section includes relevant topics such as counseling and psychotherapy, theory development, assessments, neurotransmitters, central nervous system, CAT scan and MRI, and mental health counseling terms.

The specific issue section includes mental health disorders experienced by the adults, suicide, multicultural counseling movement, level of awareness, communication, goal setting in assessment, career counseling from post-WWI to 2004.

The final section of mental health providers includes- professional counselors and mental health counselors, business considerations, education, private practice, changes in the mental health counseling profession, credentialing, licensure, and professional certification requirement.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • It includes a total overview of all the NCMHCE exam test sections
  • A section on counseling assessment and diagnosis is included
  • Specific issues and mental health providers are there as well
  • Composed of critical information required to do well in the NCMHCE exam
  • The basic concepts, principles, procedures, and vocabulary expected in the exam
  • Tips, tricks, and strategies that would help in the real examination

How this book is essential for your preparation?

It is written in both technically accurate and easy academic language. It includes the practice question papers with detailed explanations for every answer. Online review videos help in strengthening the concept and grasping basic knowledge.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5


2. NCMHCE Practice Questions

NCMHCE Practice Questions preparation guide for the exam is a compilation of the most asked questions in it. Since, practicing question is an important aspect of preparation, therefore this guide can improve your chances of scoring better.

This practice test guide will make you the most prepared for the exam. The answers and their explanations are given in-depth for a better understanding of principles. The guide is organized very well. Almost every possible question from each section is there for thorough preparation.

Those examinees who are well-informed about the concepts but only require practicing of questions for improving performance, must go for this guide. The more the number of questions you are aware of, the better is the chance of doing well in the real examination.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • These questions are designed in a way that makes you feel much more prepared
  • The most expected questions are there along with a detailed description of the answer choices that you make
  • You can measure your performances quickly
  • It is going to boost your confidence and make you feel prepared

How this book is essential for your preparation?

The exam is very challenging and every step requires mind-boggling preparation. The guide is filled with the specific and necessary information that is key to passing the exam. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and work more on your weaknesses to gain confidence for the real exam.

Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5


3. NCMHCE Study Guide: Exam Prep and Practice Questions

NCMHCE Study Guide is an ideal preparation and practice questions guide for this examination. The NCMHCE examination is a difficult one to pass. If you wish to achieve the desired score then you must go through this comprehensive study guide. This guide includes a quick overview of the most expected subjects.

Counselling and psychotherapy topics are included. The administration, consultation, and supervision based on mental health issues are written in detail. The best preparation comes from practicing as many questions as possible. The detailed answer explanations will help you to grasp the basic concept and logical ideas are necessary for appearing in the exam.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • It involves test-taking strategies
  • A proper description of assessment and diagnosis for mental health is given
  • The most important part of this guide is the practice questions
  • Each section of the guide has an exam preparation comprehensive review that is written in detail and covers almost every topic

How this book is essential for your preparation?

By practicing the practice questions thoroughly, you will get an idea of how to overcome your mistakes. The latest test-taking strategies are essential for this exam preparation. You need to understand what you are asked, and how you have to respond to avoid any unwanted errors. For doing so, you need this guide.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5


4. The Simplified NCMHCE Study Guide

The Simplified NCMHCE Study Guide is simple and easy to understand test prep book for the exam aspirants. The guide includes comparisons between different DSM5 disorders, their similarities and differences, assessments, and theoretical orientations.

This guide is a helpful reference for understanding psychology and how mental health counsellors, social workers, and school councillors are going to strengthen your knowledge. This is a simplified guide and includes the test-taking tips that are recommended for every test-taking student.

This guide will help you to overcome your fears and make you confident in achieving your goals. Since the exam is very challenging you need to prepare it the right way.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • Simple and comprehensive guide
  • Easy to understand language
  • Includes all the essential topics for exam related to mental health
  • Helpful reference guide for understanding psychological problems and concepts
  • The practice questions will help you in getting through the real exam

How this book is essential for your preparation?

The descriptions are summarized and relevant case studies are included for a better understanding of the concepts. This book can help you to increase your knowledge drastically and also provide the information necessary to pass these examinations.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5


5. NCMHCE Flashcard Study System

The NCMHCE Flashcards Study System is essential for scoring better grades. You should prepare from this flashcard study system for retaining for information. The guide is divided into sections as follows.

The counselling assessment and diagnosis section includes valuable topics like counselling, psychotherapy, mental health counselling terms, assessment, central nervous system, neurotransmitters, drug therapy, intelligence, developmental disorders, and much more.

The specific issues section has topics of mental health disorders, suicide, the role of humor, domestic violence, anger management, interventions, addictions, terrorism, goal setting and assessment, communication, and many more.

The mental health provider section is about the professional counsellors and mental health counsellors, business considerations, education, ethics, technological literacy, political activists, research in counselling and research designs, and similar other topics.

Why You Should Buy This Book

  • These flashcards include relevant information regarding the exams
  • Clear-cut division of sections for easy navigation through the topics
  • It is jammed with all the critical information required to do the best preparation
  • The small chunks of data are easy to remember and recall
  • Within a few minutes, you can achieve your targets

How this book is essential for your preparation?

It delivers an effective form of learning, and this is a fun way of learning things fast. For accomplishing the meritorious results, you must rely on this flashcard system of study. This guide is worth the value for the money you pay. Go for this if you love studying while travelling and so on.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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If your dream career is to become a mental health counsellor, then you must consider these guides for preparing for the NCMHCE exams. These are the 5 Best NCMSCE Study Guides that will help in boosting your overall performance.

These test prep guides are going to provide you the real exam experience while practicing for the questions. Go for the guide that meets your preparation level and fits your budget as well.

Along with increasing your marks, it works effectively in keeping you calm throughout the process of learning and preparation. These study guides are an ideal study material for every passionate aspirant.