Top 5 Best Quicken Books To Read in [2023] [UPDATED]

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Do you want to take control of your personal finances then these are the best quicken books you should read to learn how to maintain personal finance with ease.

Quicken is the country’s most popular and highly recommended personal finance software.

Best Quicken Books to Learn Everything about Maintaining Personal Finance

Whether you’re just starting out or you know how to manage your personal finance, this list of the best quicken books will help you improve your knowledge.

  1. Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2023: Book & Software Kit
  2. Quicken 2015 For Dummies
  3. Quicken for Windows: The Official Guide (Quicken Guide)
  4. Quicken 2009: The Missing Manual
  5. Inside Intuit: How the Makers of Quicken Beat Microsoft and Revolutionized an Entire Industry


1. Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2023: Book & Software Kit

Quicken WillMaker is the easiest way to create your estate plan, whether you’re just getting started or you want to update your previous arrangements. This powerful software guides you through the process from beginning to end, giving you the practical and legal information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Quicken WillMaker is the original will-writing software, created and updated regularly by Nolo’s experts. Free legal updates will keep your program current through 2023. Technical support is also available.

The benefits of using Quicken WillMaker include:

  • customized estate plans for your entire family, including wills, revocable living trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives and other essential documents
  • easy-to-use interview format that lets you complete documents at your own pace
  • user-friendly legal manual that answers common questions
  • team of lawyer-editors working to ensure each document reflects the laws of your state


2. Quicken 2015 For Dummies

popular quicken booksWith Quicken For Dummies, you can harness the power of this practical financial tool to manage bills, reconcile bank accounts, track investments, and much more!

Personal finance expert and CPA Stephen L. Nelson lends his expertise to this accessible, easy-to-read guide. You can quickly learn how to use Quicken to record credit card transactions, track mortgages and other liabilities, minimize taxes, maximize savings, maintain detailed records, and build a solid foundation for creating better financial plans.

Empowers readers to fight the bad habits and decisions that lead to large debts and minimal or nonexistent savings.

Every step toward better finances is a step in the right direction. Let Quicken For Dummies start your journey toward increased savings, lowered debt, and a more secure financial future.


3. Quicken for Windows: The Official Guide (Quicken Guide)

best Quicken guides for WindowsPacked with insider tips and expert techniques, Quicken for Windows: The Official Guide helps you manage your finances and assets with ease! Find out the most effective methods for tracking your income, expenses, savings, transactions, investments, and so much more.

Fully endorsed by Intuit, makers of Quicken, this official guide shows you how to tap into all of the software’s powerful capabilities and new features–and save time and money. You’ll get professional guidance along with details about online resources to assist you in making strategic financial decisions and planning for a secure future.

This practical resource shows you, step by step, how to take full advantage of the software’s powerful features.

  • Customize Quicken for your preferences
  • Track income and expenses
  • Monitor your assets, loans, and net worth
  • Automate transactions and tasks
  • Reconcile checking, savings, and credit card accounts
  • Track investments and optimize your portfolio
  • Reduce debt, save money, and plan for retirement
  • Simplify tax preparation and maximize deductions
  • Monitor assets and loans
  • Manage household records
  • Evaluate your financial position
  • Create Quicken reports


4. Quicken 2009: The Missing Manual

Best Quicken Books for beginnersQuicken is a convenient way to keep track of personal finances, but many people are unaware of Quicken’s power and end up using only the basic features. Sometimes Quicken raises more questions than it answers: Return of capital from stock? Net worth? What are they and why do you need to know about them? Luckily, Quicken 2009: The Missing Manual picks up where Quicken’s help resources leave off.

You’ll find step-by-step instructions for using Quicken on your Windows PC, including useful features such as budgeting, recording investment transactions, and archiving Quicken data files. You also learn why and when to use specific features, and which ones would be most useful in a given situation. This book helps you:

  • Set up Quicken to take care of your specific needs
  • Follow your money from the moment you earn it
  • Make deposits, pay for expenses, and track the things you own and how much you owe
  • Take care of financial tasks online, and quickly reconcile your accounts
  • Create and use budgets and track your investments
  • Generate reports to prepare your tax returns and evaluate your financial fitness

And a lot more. Quicken 2009: The Missing Manual accommodates readers at every technical level, whether you’re a first-time or advanced Quicken user. For a topic as important as your personal finances, why trust anything else?


5. Inside Intuit: How the Makers of Quicken Beat Microsoft and Revolutionized an Entire Industry

top best books to learn quickenThis is the exclusive story behind Intuit’s hard-won success. It’s a modern-day David and Goliath story for the business world: a company dreamed up at a kitchen table, built on explosive PC growth, and forced to battle a giant in the race to revolutionize an industry.

This is the story of Intuit, creator of renowned software products like Quicken, QuickBooks, and TurboTax, the company that beat mighty Microsoft and changed the way 25 million people manage their finances. Written by Intuit veteran Suzanne Taylor and seasoned business manager Kathy Schroeder who were granted exclusive interviews with founder Scott Cook and other key figures “Inside Intuit” tells this company’s original and fascinating tale for the first time.

The book vividly recounts each dramatic stage of Intuit’s development: from initial conception to “bet the company” investments; from strokes of marketing genius to disastrous product launches; and from battles for survival to successive victories against arch-rival Microsoft, the company no one else could beat. Evident throughout this account is the power of Intuit’s relentless customer focus, which guided the company from tiny start-up to a 6,000-employee, $1.4 billion business. Instructive and inspiring, Inside Intuit chronicles an enduring company’s extraordinary success against overwhelming odds.