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On this page, you can find a range of cheat sheets covering important topics such as machine learning cheat sheets, machine learning algorithms cheat sheets, data science cheat sheets, deep learning cheat sheets, AI cheat sheets, Maths cheat sheets, and SQL cheat sheets.

I have only listed out the most using cheat sheets by experts in the field.

A cheat sheet is valuable documentation for all the engineer, who is working with data. Cheat sheet saves lots of time because; we don’t need to go for searching solution in heavy and thick books.

As we all know, Machine Learning/Data Science is a vast field and it is growing at jet speed. Consequently, the syllabus is also increasing. So, it is obvious, that we cannot remember all the algorithms, tools, formulas, and functions for a long time. Therefore we need a cheat sheet to get a quick solution.

If you want all of the cheat sheets in a single zip file; you can download them at the end.

Machine Learning Cheat Sheets

machine learning algorithms cheat sheets

Machine Learning Algorithms Cheat Sheets

On the internet, you will find lots of machine learning algorithms cheat sheets. But here I include only those cheat sheets, which are well-detailed and more explainable.

Algorithm Summary

Brief summary of the algorithms 

SAS Algorithms

TensorFlow Cheat Sheet

Scikit-Learn Cheat Sheets

The Neural Networks Zoo

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Algorithm Cheat Sheet

Python Cheat Sheets

You can download from here, the most comprehensive cheat sheets for python.

python Cheat Sheets

Python Basics

Python for Data Science

Numpy Cheat Sheets

Pytorch Cheat Sheet

Pandas Cheat Sheet

Matplotlib Cheat Sheet

Keras Cheat Sheet

Maths Cheat Sheets

These four cheat sheet covers most of the maths-related machine learning algorithms.

machine learning math cheat sheet

Linear Algebra




SQL Cheat Sheet

MySQL Cheat Sheet



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