All about Computer Science and Engineering in [2023] Things You Should Know

This article will add great value to anyone who is currently studying or want to study Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) in the future.

Before you dive into this article! Let me tell you how this article will benefit you.

If you are having any doubt regarding Computer Science and Engineering like why I should go for B.Tech CSE, Is it really worth, job security, future scope, and many other queries? Then you are on the right page you must go through with this article.

If you want to know the eligibility criteria, admission process, salary, and all that information about Computer Science and Engineering. I have covered this in another article Complete Guide to Computer Science Engineering

[5 Reasons] Why you should go for Computer Science and Engineering

I want to make five reasons why you should go for pursuing Computer Science and Engineering degree.

[Reason 1] This branch of engineering gives you work freedom, you can work from home.  There are many freelancing websites and the interesting thing is a coder and programmer has always been in demand. This will give you financial freedom and you can actually enjoy your personal and professional life.

[Reason 2] Computer Science and Engineering is considered one of the best career options among engineering aspirants. This branch of engineering provides you lots of exciting career opportunities in some of the world’s biggest companies. Everybody needs a programmer.

[Reason 3] Every single industry has somehow connected with software. Healthcare, Businesses, Education, Real Estates, Entertainment Industries etc. That is to say, if you choose CSE as a career option, you will never get bored with your work. In an organisation/ company you would be working on multiple projects which could be different from each other.

[Reason 4] If your dream is to work abroad then this would be one of the best career options you should go with. Because the rate of going on-site foreign location in this career path is probably high as compared to other professionals.

[Reason 5] If your passion is to help people, solve problems, and make the world a better place using technology then you should definitely go with Computer Science and Engineering. Computer Science is really changing the world.

Skills Every Computer Science Engineer should have?

These are the few necessary skills that every CSE graduate should learn to get success in their career path.

  • Programming
  • Mathematics
  • Algorithms
  • Logical thinking
  • Complex problem solving
  • Troubleshooting
  • Communication skills

Programming is an art and every Computer Science and Engineering graduate should know that art.

Is B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Degree really worth it?

In today’s time, Is going for taking admission to B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Degree program really the right move?

Honestly, this question answer depends upon how you define “worth”

  • If you are interested in something else and you are just taking Computer Science and Engineering because everyone talks about it. It’s not worth it.
  • If you are going for Computer Science and Engineering just for the sake of gaining fame and hype among your friends and family. It’s not worth it.
  • If your intention to earn lots of money and become rich. It’s not worth it. Definitely, you can earn lots of money at some point in time but this should not be the criteria. FYI CSE professionals are one of the professionals with high salary level.
  • If you are among those people who think that developing software is a boring and tedious process. B.Tech CSE is not for you. It’s not worth it.

Whereas, if you like to write programs, solve complex problems, and are always ready to learn new things. It’s worth it.

Passion is an important aspect because having a career in Computer Science and Engineering is not an easy task. Why?

There are many times when you will be getting stuck with an error while executing the codes, which might be irritating sometimes. If you really like to solve problems, you will enjoy the process of solving it. On the other hand, if you don’t love what you do, you will suffer.

Anything would be worth if you are happy with the thing you are doing.

Which Programming Language should I learn in B.Tech CSE?

During your 4 years Computer Science and Engineering degree program there is no limit on the choice of programming language. Go for any programming language which feels more tempting to you.

So it completely depends upon you.

However, if we consider market trend and know which are the programming languages mostly learned by Computer Science and Engineering students.

Java and Python are the two programming languages which are mostly preferred among students.

If you just start learning programming languages.

I would like to recommend to go for Python. Because Python is an extremely powerful language and also it easy to learn at the same time.

Computer Science Engineer’s Job Profiles

This is one of the most common questions that every computer science and engineering graduates want to know. What I can do with a B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering degree?

These followings are the most popular job profiles (designation) you will get after completing your B.Tech CSE graduation and throughout your career.

Software Engineer: Software engineers are responsible for designing and building a software application.

Software Developer: Software developers are the creative minds behind software systems. They design, test, install and maintain computer programs. Software developers specialize in creating applications and systems software.

Computer Programmer: Computer programmers simply follow up on the instructions of the Software Developer. They are responsible to write lines of code that allow computer applications to run.

Web Developer: Like it, names imply they are responsible to design whole websites as per the client requirement. A Web Developer uses programming languages like PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL to create a website.

Computer Hardware Engineer: Computer hardware engineers are responsible for designing, implementing, and testing the computer hardware including a circuit board, keyboard, computer chips, and printers to optimize the performance of the machine.

Information System Manager: Information System Manager handling the Information Technology (IT) department. That means he/she has command over all the IT-related operations such as hardware, application and software operations in the department.

Network Administrator: A network administrator is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of an organization. They install and configure network devices like router and switches & monitor the company Local Area Network (LAN) as well as Wide Area Network (WAN).

Database Administrator: A database Administrator or simply known as a DBA is responsible for database security and integrity. They secure the existing database by taking backup and developing various security measures. DBA involves in planning, development and troubleshooting of database.

Security Analyst: A Security Analyst key responsibility is to protect computer systems, networks and data from cyber threats and security breaches. They test network infrastructure to find out the risk so that at the time of the attack he/she can handle the situation.

System Analyst: A Systems analysts study an organization’s computer systems (software as well as hardware) so that clients operate their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

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What are the industries where a B.Tech CSE graduate can apply for the Job?

Computer Science and Engineering is a vast field, it touches every single industry. So after the completion of graduation, you would have many choices to go with. You can opt any of the industry according to your interest and preference. Some of the few fields I would like mention are…

  • IT
  • Multimedia
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Database Management
  • Healthcare and Medicine
  • Web Designing and Development
  • Embedded Systems
  • Telecommunication
  • Real Estate
  • Business Intelligence
  • Finance
  • Scientific Research

Job Security in Computer Science and Engineering

As we already know how fast technology is growing. Every day hundreds and thousands of experiments are performed.

In this fast-changing technology era, people who are not able to match up with this speed usually find themselves outcasted and hard to get hired.

In this tech field, there is only one mantra to be constantly employable. You can always stay marketable by staying up to date with the current technology trends.

If you regularly up to date yourself with the latest changes in the market and keep learning trending technologies, you do not have to worry about job security at all. Companies always kept their gate open for skilled employees like you.

Computer Science & Engineering Future Scope

Computer science is probably the most influential and revolutionize technology of the last half-century. This is just the beginning. Hunger for better and advanced technologies are kept increasing and I don’t think so its ever gonna end.

In the past few years, computer science has touched every single industry and completely revolutionized the way of doing business and other things.

If you are here and able to read this article about computer science and engineering, it’s a huge success of Computer Science, you would not be able to read this article on computer or mobile phone without Computer Science and Engineering.

Computer Science and Engineering is work as a gateway to get enter into various fascinating technologies. One of the technologies I want to mention here is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence is a new field of study which is booming at alarming rates.

Most of the companies working on Artificial Intelligence technology are hired only those candidates who have Computer Science and Engineering degree. AI is the next big thing.

If you are interested to become a part of this amazing and futuristic technology and want to know how? Read this [Step-by-Step] guide on How to become an AI Engineer

Software is eating the World – Marc Andreessen

This is the digital era and we can’t innovate and transform the way of living without using computers.

Have you ever think how many computers are in your life? There are TVs, mobile phones, laptops, automobiles, headphones, Bluetooth and the list goes on, all have some sort of computers in them.

Actually, we are surrounded by computer. We can’t imagine our life without these things.

Computer Science and Engineering are shaping the future of our world.

Pros and Cons of Computer Science and Engineering as a Career Path

Pros of Computer Science and Engineering

  • Vast and versatile Field
  • Lots of Job Opportunities
  • Work Environment is good
  • Handsome salary package
  • Large Open Source Community (ex. GitHub), where every programmer is ready to help
  • Lots of scope in research and development
  • You can start your own business or start-up with minimum capital

Cons of Computer Science and Engineering

  • Overtime
  • Always be ready to learn new technology
  • Competition is high

If you are truly interested in doing B.Tech CSE and loves to write programs then it is pro all the way. But if you don’t, sorry my dear friend you are just wasting your time, there are no Pros for you.

Interesting and quick facts about Computer Programming

  • The first ever computer programmer was a lady, named Ada Lovelace and she was a British mathematician.
  • Programming and coding are not the same things. All programmers are a coder but not all coders are programmers.
  • Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, and Ctrl + Z have saved more lives than Batman. The life-saving commands for every programmer.
  • The original name of JAVA programming language was OAK
  • We all know computer viruses are deadly harmful, but the very first virus was created without having any harmful intentions.
  • The first computer “bug” was actually named after a real bug. “Bug” means technical error.
  • If Computer programming ever become a spoken language, it would be the third most diversified languages on earth.

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