Computer Science Engineering – B.Tech A [Complete Guide]

Do you want to know about Computer Science Engineering so that you can decide is it the right fit for me or not as a career option? You are on the right page here you will get all the information related to Computer Science Engineering which needs to be known before opting this career path.

If anyone wants to follow Computer Science Engineering as a career option they should know the below mentioned details.

So get the ball rolling and start with the very basic question what is Computer Science Engineering is all about?

What is Computer Science Engineering all about?

Computer Science Engineering is one of the popular branches of engineering. In short, we say CSE. It deals with the design and operation of the computer and their applications.

For a better understanding of what is computer science engineering all about? I separate each word of “computer science engineering” i.e. ‘Computer’, ‘Science’, and ‘Engineering’

I presume you know the meaning of ‘Computer’ and ‘Science’. So let’s talk about ‘Engineering’

Engineering: The branch of science and technology concerned with modification and development in a particular area.

Now combine each word ‘Computer’, ‘Science’, and ‘Engineering’

Computer Science Engineering = The science of developing and modifying computer applications.

Computer application means Operating System (OS), Websites, Software, Antivirus, Games, mobile application etc.

Most of the school students have this very common doubt, Am I going to learn how to repair computer hardware in Computer Science Engineering. CSE is not about how to repair it’s about how to make computer efficient. Therefore you don’t have to deal with computer hardware parts throughout your entire career.

B.Tech CSE is the 4 years degree program, each year consist of 2 semesters and each semester duration is 6 months.

Computer Science and Engineering Eligibility Criteria

To get admission in Computer Science and Engineering program a candidate has to passed 12th class (10+2) from any recognised board. And they must have these three subjects, Physics, Chemistry and Maths (PCM).

Along with these subjects you also have to get a certain required percentage which is typically 60%. The minimum required percentage varies from college to college, either it could be lower or higher than 60 percent.

How to Get Admission in CSE

B.Tech Computer Science Engineering is offered by many private colleges and government colleges in India.

There are mainly two ways to get admission in 4 years Computer Science and Engineering degree program. First one tough and Second is easy. It’s up to you which option you will prefer more.

[Option 1] Entrance Exam

Start preparing for the entrance exams is the best way to get admission in Computer Science Engineering because every finest college in India is intake only those candidates who qualify their entrance examination.

In these colleges, you will get the state-of-the-art facility.

Various entrance exams are held in India each year. These following are some popular engineering entrance exams…

[Option 2] Donation

You can take admission (or backdoor admission) in various engineering college by giving some extra amount only for getting admission in the program.

The amount you will gonna pay is not just a small amount, after all, you are taking admission in one of the most demanded branches of engineering. This donation amount also depends upon the college.

Obviously, this option is not the best option for everyone. Although many colleges are giving admission without asking for a donation, still this is not the option I will recommend you.

To become a successful person in the career or life. In your whole life at some point of time, you have to work (study) hard as you have never done before. So it depends upon you what time do you choose for giving your best short.

Computer Science Engineering Syllabus

These are the following subjects you will go through in your 4 years of B.Tech CSE course.

Mathematics | Engineering Physics | Engineering Chemistry | English Communication Skills | Engineering Graphics | C Programming | Engineering Mechanics | Basic Electrical Engineering | Data Structure in C++ | Environmental Science | Computer Aided Drafting | Basic Electronics | Introduction to System Theory | Java Programming & Web Technology | Digital Logic Design | Principal of Mechanical Engineering | Scientific Computing

Discrete Mathematical Structures | Database Management Systems | Operating Systems | Computer System Architecture | Discrete and Integrated Analog Circuits | Formal Languages and Automata Theory | Fundamentals of Data Communications | Soft Computing | Semiconductor Devices | Microprocessor & Interfacing | Digital Signal Processing | Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms | System Programming | Computer Networks

Compiler Design | Software Engineering | VLSI Design | Computer Graphics | Principal of Programming Languages | Parallel Computing | Digital Image Processing | Advance Computer Architecture | Cryptography & Network Security | Neural Networks & Application | Simulation & Modeling | Distributed Systems | Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems | Principal of Management | Natural Language Processing | Computing & Complexity Theory

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What you will learn in 4 years of B.Tech CSE

As you have known the complete syllabus of B.Tech CSE. If we summarize the whole Computer Science Engineering Syllabus. In general, these are the things you would learn till reaches to the end point of Engineering.

  • Obliviously you will know how to code?
  • Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, PHP, HTML, SQL etc.
  • Database Management
  • Create software and applications using different frameworks

A Computer Science Engineering graduate who knows how to write code and being able to make program is not less than a Wizard

Top Companies for CSE graduates  

These are the top recruiters who mostly hire Computer Science Engineering graduates from India’s well-reputed engineering colleges

  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Infosys
  • HCL Infotech
  • TCS
  • Wipro
  • Google
  • Techmahindra
  • Yahoo
  • IBM
  • Accenture
  • Oracle
  • Adobe
  • Dell Inc

Difference between B.Tech CSE and B.Tech IT

Lots of people are sceptical about these two engineering branches when comes to take admission in the four-year engineering program.

Is there really any difference between B.Tech CSE and B.Tech IT?

Perhaps there are many differences you can find out in between these two engineering fields, but the fundamental difference will remain the same.

Computer Science Engineering teaches us how to develop an efficient system whereas Information Technology is about how to maintain those systems.

Computer Science Engineer: Technology Designers & Developers.

Information Technology Engineer: Technology implementer & maintainer

Some Engineering colleges in India merge these two programs as one (B.Tech CS & IT) because 90% of the syllabus in both branches is respectively the same.

So if you are still confused and not able to decide. I would say it does not matter at all which one of the branch you are going to select. You can do the same thing (as a job perspective) either you go for CSE or IT.

CSE and IT is the fruit of the same tree, it does not matter which one you choose to eat.

Know about other Engineering Branches:

Computer Science Engineering Salary in India

This is very gen question among students who want to take admission in Computer Science Engineering and ready to become a Computer Science Engineer. Even those students who are still pursuing Computer Science Engineering degree wants to know the answer?

So how much money a Computer Science Engineering graduate earn in a year?

Your package could be as low as 1, 20,000 Rupees per year and can go up to 50, 00,000 Rupees per annum. Salary depends on mainly three factors, which are

Company: The Company or organization you are selecting

Skills: How good you are on the subject. What are the skills you have learned during four years of Computer Science Engineering program? (The most important factor)

College: And the last one is the college, from where you have done your B.Tech CSE degree.

From the above figure, we come to know the highest and lowest amount a Computer Science graduate could get. Now let’s know the average salary of a Computer Science Engineer.

The average salary for a fresher CSE graduate in India is 3, 60,000 Rupees/year.

Like most of the Computer Science Engineer, you would also be getting an approximate package of 3.6 lakh.

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