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Before to start; Ethical Hacking Career Path and move forward to learn how to become an ethical hacker. You need to know what is the exact and correct meaning of the word ‘Hacker’.

In general; a hacker is a person, who discovered the fault and deficiency in the products and solve that problem.

In the digital world; a hacker referred as a guy, who find the vulnerabilities (Weaknesses) in the network, programs and computer system. After discovering the problem, hackers try to solve that issue.

I have to define a hacker word because, when someone says hacker, a negative thought comes to our mind automatically about the word ‘hacker’.

As a result, we made a perception regarding hacker, that hacker supposed to be always a bad guy and always wreaking havoc in the world. But I want to tell you, this statement is half true or you can say half wrong.

There are many hackers in the Worldwide and trust me not all the hackers are bad.

In the world, billions of people live on earth. Among from them, some are bad and some are good peoples. Accordingly, the same rules apply to the hackers. I hope now, some of the misunderstandings have gone about the hackers.

Here’s how I am going to make it easy for you decide; Is Ethical Hacking career path is a right choice for me…..or not? (Or) How do you become a hacker?

You will get to know! About these things…

  • Define Ethical Hacking types
  • What are the education and skills needed?
  • What are the tools an Ethical Hacker use?
  • Career scope of Ethical Hacking?
  • What does an Ethical Hacker do?

Do you Know? The word “Hacker” originated in 1960 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Types of Ethical Hacking & Hacker

In the digital world, hackers are categories into three types based on their working activities

[1] White Hat Hacker –  Good Guy (Referred as Ethical Hacker)

This our Hero for the virtual world.

White hat hackers stop the bad things happening to us in the digital world. In other words, our hero stops the villains aka Black Hat Hackers.

An Ethical hacker takes the permission from the organisation before doing any testing and launching an attack. An ethical hacker is a work for the companies or any recognised organisation.

[2] Grey Hat Hacker –   Neither Good nor Bad

They are the mischievous and notorious guys in the hacking world.

Grey hat hackers launch attacks without getting any permission from the authorities. But their intentions are not bad. However, this is illegal to do any testing without taking any permissions.

Grey hat hackers sometimes violate the ethical rule but they do not launch any harmful and malicious attacks on anyone.

[3] Black Hat Hacker –  Bad Guy

Yeah! This is the guy, which we hear all the time in the news. Because of this guy, we made a perception that all of the hackers are bad and even the hacker word refers as bad. 

Those are the actual bad guys, whose only intention to harm the peoples. That is obvious they do not need any permission from anyone before launching harmful attacks. Black Hat hackers are not working for any company or organisation.

If they are working in such types of organisation, then the organisation is not recognised by any government authorities. That means black hat hackers always live in the dark. There is not any scope for bright future.

Note: If you are going to choose the ethical hacking career path then always become a white hat hacker (a good guy).

Basic Education required to become an Ethical Hacker

You are not required any degree or certification to become an ethical hacker. If you know how things work in the digital world and you have skills then you are a hacker.

Although, some of the organisation requires a certification. You can do certification from the EC-Council and become a Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH). Why do you need a CEH certification? What is the CEH certification is all about and the benefits of getting it?

Go to EC-Council website to check the examination syllabus and pricing of CEH Certification. EC-Council Link

Ethical Hacker Skills set 

The ethical hacking profession is among those career options where marks in academics (college/school) are not the whole thing.
Therefore, if you want to become an ethical hacker and want to be an expert in this profession then don’t forget to get the skills set mentioned below in your portfolio.
Your skills set plays a vital role to be a success in ethical hacking career path than the marks obtained in the exam.

  • Curiosity to learn, how digital world works?
  • Programming Languages:  C, C++, JavaScript, Java, Oracle, Python, Ruby, HTML, PHP, CSS, and SQL etc.

Note: You do not need to become an expert in the programming languages. It is very hard for everyone to learn all the languages and master it. So just try to be good in the programming languages.

Programming knowledge is a necessary thing to know for an ethical hacker but not mandatory to become a hacker.

Though, a programmer has a potential to become an elite/master hacker, because they know the codes so they can analyze and change the used scripts and codes of a built-in system. And even they can build their own hacking tools to hack that built-in system.

Tips: You can choose one or two languages to learn initially and start a career in the ethical hacking. Choose the easiest one first according to yours.

  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows & Mac OS.
  • Knowledge of technologies: Networking, web, telecommunications, or any latest technologies.
  • Security: Firewalls, Cryptography, Encryption and Decryption, SSL, HTTP, HTTPS, IPsec, Private and Public Key Infrastructure etc.
  • Logical Thinking: Think Like a Black Hat Hacker.
  • Practical Exposure: Practical knowledge is the key point of success in this career.

Tools you would use in Ethical Hacking career path 

However, on the internet so many tools available. In this list, I have written the name of The most popular tools used by a hacker.

  • Wireshark
  • Metasploit
  • NMAP
  • Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner
  • Nessus
  • Hashcat
  • Social Engineer Toolkit
  • Maltego
  • John the Ripper
  • Netsparker

Tips: Use Kali Linux operating system. You can install Kali Linux as a primary operating system or run in a virtual machine. The best option to run Kali Linux is using Virtualization software.

You can download Kali Linux to Click Here to go Kali Linux Website 

Ethical Hacker Job Description 

  • Conduct penetration testing and intrusion testing for application and infrastructure.
  • Monitor the networks and take appropriate action based on security policy.
  • Make sure assets are not vulnerable.
  • Investigation of a security incident to find the root cause of policy violation. 
  • Find the loophole and vulnerabilities in the various systems.
  • Analyse Network packets and log data
  • Perform root cause analysis.

Note: An Ethical Hackers also uses the same skills and tools as Blackhat. The only difference is that Ethical Hacker uses their skills in a legitimate manner to find the vulnerabilities and fix them without causing any trouble.

Career Scope in Ethical Hacking

As we all know, the internet is growing very fast. Almost every company in the world is on the internet and do their businesses online. Nowadays we all are using the internet like you are using the internet to read this blog.

If the internet is growing with the high speed consequently attacks will also increase. We cannot stop the growth of the internet because we need internet to connect.

Therefore, we have only one option left, which is to stop the attacks doing by Blackhat Hackers.

As can be seen, everybody needs internet security, no one wants to become a victim of the attack. Every day a new Vulnerability, hacks, and ransomware created. That means Ethical Hacker have lots of opportunities.

As per the statistics reports, the world needs lots of Ethical Hackers.

If you want to make a career in the Hacking and going to continue the Ethical Hacking career path. Yes definitely! you can choose. Ethical hacking requirements will never be going to end.

The world will always be in need of a good Ethical Hackers.

Note: If you want to become a highly skilled Ethical Hacker then you have to keep updating yourself with the very latest technology.


I hope this post gave you some basic knowledge to start your career in an ethical hacking.


What do you think about Ethical Hacking Career Path?  Share your opinions and experiences in the comments below! 

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