How to Become a Supreme Court Judge [Step-by-Step] Guide

Supreme Court is the supreme in power (constitutional power) and authorities among all other courts in India, It does supervisory over the complete judiciary system in India. The honourable Supreme Court positioned at the top of the three-tier structure of court system.

If Supreme Court issue a new rule and policy then it becomes mandatory for all the below positioned courts to regulate and apply.  Supreme Court is the only court who has authority (According to Article 143) to give advice to the Government of India (Honourable President of India).

Thus Supreme Court of India has the power of advisory and supervisory along with the judicial review (Adjudication)

Supreme Court is the last place to seek justice and final court of appeal in India, so being a judge in Supreme Court is itself an achievement.

Do you know? The Supreme Court of India come into existence 28 January 1950. It replaced Federal Court of India, which is established under the Government of India Act 1935.

How to become a Supreme Court judge


Who can apply? Eligibility Criteria to become a Supreme Court Judge

According to Article 124(3), a canidate must possess these following things to become a Supreme Court judge…

  • Must be a citizen of India
  • High court judge for at least 5 years (Or) Minimum 10 years of litigation experience and should be an advocate in High Court.
  • Expert in legal laws (a distinguished jurist) in the opinion of the President of India

There is no minimum age limit to become a Supreme Court judge. However, a Supreme Court judge hold the position till he/she attains the age of 65.

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Who Appoint Supreme Court Judges?

According to Article 124(2)

Appointed by President of India after consultation with the collegium judges (Collegium is the group of four most senior judges in Supreme Court and they are very close to Chief Justice of India) and senior most judges of High Court

Chief Justice of India (CJI)

Most senior Supreme Court Judge can be eligible to sit on the chair of Chief Justice of India.

Appointment of CJI also done by the same procedure that is used to appoint other judges of Supreme Court.


How to become a Supreme Court Judge [Step-by-Step] Complete Procedure

[Step 1] to become Supreme Court Judge High School

In order to become a judge, you have to pass your 12th standard exam from any of the stream (Art/Commerce/Science). You can do your 12th either from open school or regular school.

Most of the student think, to become a Supreme Court judge you have to be stood number one in your all your academics. But this is not true you just need that much of marks as you can be eligible to get admission in the Indian law colleges.

Generally, you have to secure minimum 45% percentage in the high school to get eligible in India’s finest law colleges.

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[Step 2] to become Supreme Court Judge Bachelor of Laws

A candidate must possess at least bachelor’s degree in law. So you need to become a lawyer in order to achieve your dream. This will be your first step of ladder towards Supreme Court judge.

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[Step 3] to become Supreme Court Judge Become a High Court Judge

Between the Step 2 and 3 you have to cover up many things, it’s a long duration to reach Step 3. So to become a High Court judge you obviously need to do lots of things before.

There are two ways you can become a judge in High court and both paths have different duration. Its depend upon you which path you would choose to become a High Court Judge.

And after becoming a High Court judge you have to at least spend 5 years in high court as a judge to get promoted at Supreme Court.

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[Step 3] to become Supreme Court Judge Become an Advocate

Other than being a judge in High Court an advocate can also be part of highest authority court in India and appointed as a Supreme Court judge.

To get in the queue of becoming a judge in Supreme Court, as an advocate you need minimum 10 years of litigation experience in any of the state High Court.


[Step 4] to become Supreme Court Judge Distinguished Jurist

The above three steps could be achieved by many candidates so as you; and trust me that is not a piece of cake to reach at step 3, you have to pass many hurdles and every obstacle take time.

But do you know most of the high court judges and advocates have more judiciary experience than the required experience to become a judge of Supreme Court? There could be two possibilities why they are not appointed as Supreme Court judge.

[1] They are satisfied with the current position he/she had, so they don’t want promotion.

[2] They are not up to the mark to get promotion as a Supreme Court judge by the president of India and others responsible judiciary body.

To get rid of the problem [2], you must have to become a distinguished Jurist in the opinion of the President of India. Therefore you must have a good sense of justice and have to become an expert in legal matters.  So you must possess some sort of skills set.

Supreme Court is the guardian of Indian Constitution


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