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Are you want to make a career in law and want to wear that black coat, but don’t know how to become an advocate. Don’t worry here you will find, every question answer of yours and get the complete procedure in the way of becoming an advocate.

The legal profession is one of the exiting and growing career option all around the world.

If you are the person who wants to make difference in society, there is nothing better than this career option. As an advocate you have the power of using law in a legal way, therefore in the societies, you will get a lot of respect form the people that everybody is dreaming of.

So along with earning money, you can also build a reputation in the society. If you want to live your life like that you should definitely consider this path of becoming an advocate.       


What is an Advocate? Is it different than becoming a Lawyer? 

Most of the people referred advocate as a lawyer, but the thing is slightly different than you know. It is just a common misconception among the people who don’t know the law.

Advocate is someone who specializes in a particular field of law that is called litigation and participant in the court legal system and procedure.

An advocate is an expert in court laws and they attempt and fight cases on behalf of the clients.

Therefore advocacy is an interdisciplinary and major field of law. That’s what people make to think advocate as a lawyer.

The difference between Lawyer and Advocate in a single line.

All advocates are lawyers but all lawyers are not the advocates  


Education required to become an Advocate

There are two separate and vis-à-vis academics program to become a lawyer, 3 years and 5 years LLB degree courses. Know the complete lawyer career path and procedure to become a lawyer.

So from there, you can decide which one of the career path you should go for, to become an advocate.

You have multiple of integrated LLB courses option available today. However, the vast majority of law aspirants choose BA LLB integrated program to become an advocate.

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What are the Skills set a criminal lawyer (Advocate) posses? 

This profession of law is among those career option where marks are not the whole thing. So to be an expert in this profession your skills set plays a vital role in a success than the marks obtained in the LLB semester exam.

These are the necessary skills a prosecutor must have…

  • Communication and interpersonal skill
  • Know how to use words effectively (writing skill)
  • An advocate must be enough confidence to handle every type of situation.
  • Always be ready to interfere the conversation and argue it. That does not mean, argue with the illogical answers, that is the words you speak make some sense to others.
  • You definitely need a good memory to learn the thick law books (Sharp minded)

Wait a minute! These skills are impossible to get. Not impossible; you don’t need these skills before going to pursue lawyer career path (12th class). However, if you already have these skills set then well and good.

But if you don’t have like most of the people; definitely you can develop these skills set during the journey of becoming an advocate.  


What is BAR Council of India? The importance for an Advocate 

For every lawyer whose aim is to become an advocate it is necessary to know about the Bar Council of India.  

According to Indian advocate Act, 1961 a person is only allowed to practice law in court premises and able to file a petition on behalf of others, once they obtain the required license from Bar council and recognise as legal law practitioner (advocate).

A lawyer cannot become an advocate until they have registered his/her name in the Bar Council of India. Therefore it is mandatory for an advocate to become a member of Bar Council of India.


Is Distance LLB can be pursued 

The vast majority have this very common question especially the graduates; is distance LLB could be possible. The Answer is ‘Yes’ but the problem is…

The Bar Council of India does not approve LLB course through distance learning. According to Bar Council of India; Law is a professional degree which only should be done regularly.

Therefore you cannot become an advocate and hence you would not able to practice law in the judiciary without enrolment.  And Bar Council of India does not enrol any distance learning LLB graduate.

So there is no point of doing LLB through distance learning. Because at the end of the day you want to become an advocate but you can’t.  So you can’t take participation in judiciary litigation.

There is no point in becoming an advocate if you cannot practice law.


How to become an Advocate [Step-by-Step] procedure

[Step 1] Entrance Test

Prepare for the entrance examination to get the admission in India’s finest law school. CLAT is the most popular entrance test among the law aspirant.

However many tops ranked private colleges intake the students with (or without any) entrance test, to pursue your dream as an advocate.

[Step 2] LLB (Bachelor of laws)/ Integrated LLB

Take the admission in one of the LLB courses (LLB/ Integrated LLB).  Topmost and finest LLB colleges in India

[Step 3] Internship

During the academics, you can go for internship program offered by various private and public law firms. Here you will get the exposure of the theories you had read in your law books. Pragmatic experience is always good for the career growth.

[Step 4] Bar Council of India

After completing law degree (LLB) you have to enrol yourself at Bar Council of India; after successfully passing the exam you can finally start your law practice (Like Doctors do), which you have been learned in the academics.

Know the procedure to enrol in Bar Council of Delhi

 [Step 5] Junior Assistant

After enrolling in the Bar Council of India as an advocate. You can work under the senior advocate. The experience you got during your training/internship period would help you to get clear the next hurdle (Step 6) with ease.

[Step 6] All India Bar Examination (AIBE)

This is the step you can proudly say about yourself that you are an advocate; after passing AIBE exam conducted by Bar Council of India. Click here to get the AIBE exam related information. After passing the AIBE exam you will get a certificate that shows you are eligible to practice.

[Step 7] Advocate

Congratulations! You are now an Advocate and allowed to practice law in the court.

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Roadmap of becoming a Lawyer in Supreme Court of India


What does an Advocate do? (Job Description)

During training period (Assistant lawyer)

  • As an assistant lawyer, you have to do lots of research and helps your colleague to build the case strongly. 
  • Participate in the court with your senior advocate
  • Case drafting: Paper plays an important role in the judiciary system, you are responsible to write and prepare the case paper, which submitted in court for the further procedure. 
  • Filing the prepared case file to the court and take dates for the case hearing

After getting a license for litigation (public/private prosecutor- Advocate)

  • Advocate makes his/her case strong by performing legal research. Being an advocate research is the best tool of yours to win the case.
  • Analyse the evidence you get from the clients.
  • An advocate has to spend their most of the time on writing than fighting in the courtroom.
  • Plead and prepare the PIL (Public Interest Litigation).
  • Perform actions (prosecute) on behalf of the clients at the courtroom

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Criminal lawyer/ Advocate Career Scope

As we know, all around us the crime rate is growing every day. Accordingly, victims of a criminal offence are also increasing. So if a victim needs a justice of being assaulted by a criminal. Then definitely they want to reach out that person who have knowledge about the law and could able to get the justice for him.

An advocate is an expert in criminal law, so they know how to file a petition on behalf of the client and know how to deal with that criminal offence. There are many examples where the criminal lawyer (advocate) needed. Even the companies whether they are small or big all need a lawyer help to take legal advice for the business growth.

So if you want to make a career in law and want to become an advocate; along with that you are motivating towards helping others then you are a right candidate and you should consider this lucrative career option to pursue.

And you don’t have to worry about the money because for a good advocate sky is the only limit. Money should not be your first priority to fight against the crime.


An advocate can make a World better place to live.

Hope! I am able to give you the information, you are searching regarding “How to become an advocate”. If anything left please let me know & what you think about advocate as a career option. Share your opinions and experiences in the comments below!

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