K12 Online School Review [2023] Is It Right For Your Child?

American education is going through technology-driven development for the homeschooling community. It is called a Virtual Homeschool; consisting of various online learning programs that make the education process engaging and convenient.

These programs can be used as a supplementary course for prodigy learning or exclusively for education at home. These programs are made compliable to fit most of the requirements of specific learning patterns or ideologies.

For the families, who are new to the idea of online homeschooling, getting your children the correct program will need a lot of research and patience. Most parents, trying to get virtual homeschooling services, have faced trouble in finding the perfect method for online home education.

Almost all states have now provided affiliation to virtual schools, as an alternative to the daily public schools. The virtual schools provide learning materials, instructions, and curricula along with the homeschooling feature and support; they may vary on different websites.

Cyber Schools: The K12 Outlook

Online Public Schooling is one of the latest trends of K12 homeschool education; it uses virtual or cyber schools for providing regular directions to the students. Many of these are created to provide distance education through internet networks; they use study modules by K12.

Virtual schools do not provide homeschooling services; rather they give online schooling and student tags to the enrollers. The state employs accredited teaching professionals to look over the management of this online school and how well the parents are performing as “Teachers”.

Parents who wish their children to have proper homeschooling, without any faults, can go for K12 online public school. Reviews say that this is the future of education and homeschooling since it provides a well-instructed syllabus for daily practices.

This educational approach gives the parents autonomy of selecting what and what not they wish to teach their child. K12 study programs provided by the cyber schools are safe and authorized.

One other reason behind the parent inclination towards the K12 online homeschooling is the state promoted curriculum in a tuition free online public school education option.


K12 Online Homeschooling: An Adaptable and Practical Inclusion

The K12 homeschooling programs are made to assist students to know about their potential via customized learning options in comfortable surroundings. Parents who have used this program have found that online homeschooling is a better option than all other educational sources.k12 Tuition free online public school review

With virtual homeschooling programs, students who relocate a lot or have medical issues can provide their children with structured learning. The specified lessons have no time limitations; all enrollers can take their time in learning.

K12 Virtual Homeschool provides the parents with full command over the learning process of the child. It is apt for different types of students, learning patterns, and approaches; making it versatile learning methods for all.

Keeping the study process virtual can give all information about when and how long have the student continued using the portal and what all they have learned. Therefore, parents will not have to give extra time towards finding and analyzing their child’s progress every day; they can log in and see the premade reports.


Virtual Homeschool Curriculum Traits

The K12 online school reviews manifest that the syllabus is assembled by proficient experts like cognitive researchers, content instructors, etc. The designed curriculum features:

  • The lesson plans are material requirements that are modified according to the student’s age and grasping power by the specialists and lessen devisers.
  • The instructional planners, along with media professionals and visual creators, make the activities that showcase information and concepts at its best.
  • The editors and scribes proofread to make the text appealing, suitable, and precise.
  • The data designers examine the use of online content by the people.
  • The software creators outline and make systems for the effective functioning of the study modules and online learning.
  • The quality-check experts oversee the proper working of every aspect.

K12 curriculum also includes parent/ student feedbacks through inspection, lesson evaluation, focus groups, and round-table discussions.


Features of K12 Online Homeschooling Program

With the growing use of online homeschooling, reviews of k12 online schools include various benefits. Few of these benefits are:

Personal Login IDs and Flexible Time Management: Each student is provided with a Login ID through which they can access their lessons and other subject-matters. They can work on their last-learned lesson or take specific chapters to move ahead.

Parental Control: Parents have full command over their child’s learning. They can set the grade stage separately for every subject. This promotes easier learning of all the lessons for the discordant students; they can understand each topic comfortably.

Access to Other Grades: The classes below and above the present grade, are made available to the student for extra study and review. The lesson plans are well-structured, for allowing progress with proper learning of past materials. This enables the students to go through their old lessons and skip the ones which are already acquainted well.

Learning Patterns: K12 curriculum can adapt to a wider array of learning patterns. The process covers visual as well as the physical development of the learners. Also, for children who have impairment issues can use the multimedia medium for easier grasping.

Accessible to All: The K12 online school reviews showcase that Online Homeschooling is an easy approach for all learners, based on their skills and aptitude. Crediting to the versatility of the K12 syllabus, the students can learn the chapters according to their capacity. Its easy adaptability makes it ideal for students with gifts, special abilities, and learning problems.

Other features: There is an automatic system that manages a wide range of administrative functions, reliving parents off this duty. The time-set future records the time spent on online activities and their completion; refining the attendance records. The post-lesson tests are graded by the system itself and can be reviewed anytime through the ID portal.


Enrolling into K12 Online Homeschool

The process of getting a learner registered with the K12 homeschool program is very easy. One just has to follow three steps, and they will be able to use all K12 programs and services.

First, visit the K12 official registration and inquiry page then follow the below three steps. The 3-step registration process is:

  1. Enter

Put all necessary and listed information in the online form like name, school, address, contact, etc.

  1. Upload

Give related documents and submit the form.

  1. Authenticate and Approve

After the documents are approved, you will receive a notification of approval.

k12 Virtual Public Home School registration process


Difference Between Online Schools and Online Homeschool Programs

While the concepts might look similar, there are slight differences between Virtual Public school and Online Homeschool. Here are 5 major dissimilarities of the concepts:

1. Attendance and Scholastic Procedure

The Online Public Schools have strict policies for attendance and scholastic processes which are accredited by the educational boards. This makes the student accountable for their performance and attendance throughout the learning year. The online forums keep a check over the student’s tests, presence, grades, and other factors.

Online Homeschools might provide proper content for studies, but completing them with proper attention and time span is the choice of the student. Again, the parent’s disregard can lead to the absence or incompetence of the child.

2. Curricula

In Online Public Schools, the syllabus approved by the school management and state education boards and then administered in the school plan. There is a structured plan along with various daily targets, created for fostering precise learning with various enhancement activities.

While the Online Homeschooling enables parents to select the type, set, and format of the curriculum for their children. The parents will have to perform proper groundwork and inquiry, before choosing the appropriate lesson program; it should comply with state/ national standards. Also, they will have to create daily plans that fit with the yearly curricula.

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3. Examinations

During texts or assessments, when registered with Online Public School, the student is supposed to take state-accepted assessment examinations. These tests are identical to the papers given in their compeer Public School. The students will have to visit the examination centers for appearing for these tests.

On the contrary, in Online Homeschooling, the parent has to crosscheck their assigned papers to meet the guidelines listed by the state board for qualifying a student. They can also reach out to Online Homeschooling text providers like K12 for getting the best and authentic papers.

4. Socialization

Various Online Public Schools provide an e-classroom feature that increases the opportunities for parents and students to interact with others, both online and offline. They also organize events and activities for students to leave the desktops and enjoy outdoors. This helps the students to explore and socialize with their peers.

Online Homeschools do not provide any specific events for the students. But, this concept keeps the options open for students to engage in their preferred co-curricular activity. They have an opportunity to expose themselves to the outside world.

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5. Teaching

Online Public Schools provide teaching and instructing through expert professionals; they are recognized and certified by the state. They have a team of committed trainers and teachers, who are proficient in subject matter, special learning, and counseling. Here, online teachers can function together with the parents, and create lesson plans that suit the requirements of the student.

On the other hand, Online Homeschooling relays the authority of teaching, administering, planning, guiding, and counseling on the parents. The parents of the student are made liable to keep a check over the performance and growth of their child; with an accurate understanding of all subjects. All control, about the taught topics and concepts, is in the hands of guardians in the homeschooling.



Pros and Cons

K12 online school reviews cover all strengths and weaknesses of this education approach. Below are the Pros and Cons of availing the K12 online homeschooling program:-


Higher chances for self-guided education: Other than the basic subjects and topics, the K12 curriculum also covers other interactive learning options. The students can have the benefits of this by selecting the best path for them to learn easily and effectively. Taking this program provides an elective choice of visiting regular schools.

  • Less Interruption and Communal Pressure: Daily public schools might be an interactive option, but might expose the children to various negative factors. Also, the pressure from social aspects can direct a learner’s focus from studies. These might affect the student’s performance in academics. With online homeschooling, the students are kept away from harmful environments and proceed with learning; safely and comfortably.
  • Autonomy to Learn: K12 online school reviews point out that the students can learn with their according to their pace and capacity. Also, learners that have extra co-curricular might find the K12 study method feasible since they might have demanding schedules. Attending the schools would be hard for them.
  • Students that have to work or attend other activities frequently should select K12 homeschooling. It provides them with independence and freedom to learn according to their schedules. Also, for most students, a curriculum with self-controlled speed gives a better academic performance.


  • Intensive involvement of Parents: Using online homeschooling programs might be beneficial for students, but a load for the parents and family. They have to pay proper attention and become a part of every step of the learning. The parents also have to make sure that the home surroundings are ideal for the educational process. The family has to be supportive of the child while they learn through the portals, and crosscheck all factors. Also, they will be responsible to look that their child is learning the subjects correctly.
  • Controlled Interaction with Others: While virtual learning keeps the learners away from the harmful factors, it also keeps them away from interacting with similar age-group kids. Getting education inside the home might affect the socializing abilities of the child; especially when homeschooled at a young age. They will require extra time for outdoor activities, make friends, and enhance their social skills.
  • Healthful Learning: Getting an education from online platforms like K12 is beneficial, but might affect the physical and psychological well-being of the child. In a classroom, the child has the support of other classmates and teachers in understanding and coping with the subjects and other elements. But in homeschooling, they will have to attend the learning while staying inside their homes, making no interaction with the people outside. It can affect the physiological health of the child; they will need time to be outside and relax their mind.

K12 Online School Parents Reviews

I appreciate that K12 is there for my child. She has improved 100% in her learning. Public schools failed her. K12 brought her back and she is excited to do her school work. Thank you, K12. –parent of a 7th grader

There are numerous ways I feel supported by K12. First and foremost is the curriculum and ease of use. Being able to easily navigate through the numerous screens and features–designed simply to help me educate my child–is huge. –parent of a 5th grader

The K12 curriculum has provided the structure and plan to our schooling needs. It fits well with our family lifestyle and it helps keep our kids involved in the learning process. –parent of a 5th grader

My daughter is learning a lot, and I am able to customize it to her needs and give her a hands-on approach to education. I would happily tell everyone I know how fantastic homeschooling with K12 courses is. –parent of a 2nd grader

We journeyed into homeschooling in Garrett’s 1st grade year when we realized that the public schools were teaching to the lowest level and he was getting bored in school. Until we found K12 in his 3rd grade year we were putting our own curriculum together.-parent of a 3rd grader

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K12 Homeschooling Programs are an outcome of the innovation in the education sector. They are highly preferred by the parents who wish to provide their children with regulated and disciplined education. With both advantages and disadvantages, an online homeschooling is a customizable education platform to educate the children.

The K12 online homeschooling program can provide you with the state-acknowledged syllabus for core subjects, languages, elective subjects, etc. Its main aim is to provide the students best scholastic education in the homeschool zone.


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