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Many people are not aware of they picked the wrong career path. They think all the dissatisfaction feeling in the job is a bit normal.

After knowing about the 5 Major Signs that shows, you have chosen the wrong career path. You could decide yourself; is it bit normal or not?  I hope you would find normal, at the end of this article.

Do you know? Adversely and cosily liking, both are two different things. Half-hearted dedication towards your job always makes you unhappy; an unhappy person cannot succeed in their life.

Stuck in the wrong career paths, makes your office or workplace like a haunted house. Where everybody looks like a ghost and some is the master of ghosts (obviously Boss!), in your life. And eventually, you feel they all trying to haunt you. So you always look for the golden time (5 O’clock) during your working hours to just run out of the office.

Is the ‘Enjoy’ is a jargon word in your office hours? Then you must have to go through these 5 major signs.


[1] Feeling exhausted and anxiety

However, most of the people got a little bit exhausted on their 9 to 5 job and it is obvious. Because you are doing work; and work consumes energy from the body (according to the law of physics).

Accordingly, it might also possible you will hate your alarm clock in the morning like everybody does. Yeah! This all normal for a human being.


But if you are feeling anxious to think; you also have to go to the office after brushing your teeth and after having breakfast. Then this is not normal, and this dread intensity of yours affect you mentally and physically both.

Have you not hear the proverb: Health is Wealth!

If you are not healthy then how can you expect your body to do the work and going to earn some good bunch of money?

If you are regularly feeling the bad intensity every single morning of the week. And going office with that fear and anxiety is not good for your future. You must have to rethink your decision.


[2] Wait for the Project deadlines

Are you that guy who is waiting for their project deadlines? And always complete and submit your projects on the last day or sometimes it gets delayed.

And you are not interested in getting new projects. Therefore, always trying to escape from it. That means you are not enjoying your current profile and work.

You become lazy about your work. Therefore you perpetually postpone your office work and meetings (even it is urgent). You become one of that employee who comes at last at the companies meetings. So you are not believing in your company goals and aims; because you have different.


Constantly procrastinate in your projects or any other office activities and work shows you are not passionate about the work and responsibilities you have.


[3] Always complaining force be with you

If you are always thinking and complaining that; I choose the wrong career track and want to know some other career options. Because of this complaining attitude of yours; always in a search mode to find any issues.

You addressing every situation in the office with negative force, shows you are not satisfied what you are doing. So, you are not happy (what you have or not ?) and always end up with an attempt to reprove anything in the office.


That does not mean all people love their job all the time and do not raise any complaints regarding their work. Yes, they criticise their job but also loves their job. If they are complaining 60% about their job; then they also enjoy 40% of what they do for a living.

Do you know? Your complaining attitude can easily get noticed by your colleagues. And eventually, they will take benefit from your negativity (office politics sucks!)

And this would be a disaster situation for you if the boss fired you. Therefore find your right career path before losing your job.    


[4] Sick Leaves become your life savvy buddy!

Are you trying to hunt up a way to take a sick leave all the time? If your answer is yes then you definitely hate your job.

By the way, I also influenced by this issue in the past. When I started my career as an Electronics Engineer job, I always try to search for the excuses to get one day holiday. Thank God! I switch my career path and become a Network Security Engineer (CISCO + Juniper).


Hey! Wait a minute, now you think who does not like few days holiday (If the person is not a maniac, Bad Joke). Although, this is very true! Everybody loves holidays and want to spend their time with their loved ones.

 But if the person makes habits to the vacations and they always try to get the holidays. Then this is the whole different story.

Taking a leave for some refreshment is absolutely fine.  But if you always need refreshment this not good for your future and you are running on a wrong track.


[5] Not comfy to tell someone about your job

If a person really loves (what he/she loves to do), then it replicates on the face.

This is really important for a professional that what you feel about your job.

At that point, you look for other people profile on the social media and get more depressed.

If someone asks you; what you do for a living. Makes you uncomfortable and got dread by this question. Therefore you always try to avoid this question.

If you are currently facing this sign of uncomfortableness and dissatisfaction with your chosen career path. It’s the right time for you to consider some other career options.

In everybody life there a times come when they start questioning about the career choice which they have made in the past. And now it’s your time to question out.

If you are experiencing most of the signs in your life (9 to 5 job). Then you should have to find the new career path.



Switch to the new career path is a bit difficult task for everyone. Especially for those professionals who just stick to the wrong career path for a long time (3+years) and now they want to change.

So if you have 3+ years of experience in that career option which you don’t like; I suggest you search well for that career path which you want to go. And figure out all the future happening consequences after resigning from the job.

In most of the cases, money plays a big role to stop the person from changing and trying the new path.

So if you don’t have any money issues or any debt to pay and you are stuck in the wrong career path. Then you should definitely try the new career path according to your interests and abilities.

Finding a new career and go for that career path should be taken wisely and deliberately. Because a wrong decision of yours push you at the beginning (or) may be far beyond.


Have you ever tried to change your career paths like me? If yes then let me know which is the sign intimate you most to change. Let me know in the comment section below!

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