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Microsoft Azure launched in the year 2010; now it has become the second most popular cloud provider in the cloud industry, after the Amazon AWS. Azure provide lots of attractive and easy to use services to the clients.  Know more about the Topmost and Popular AWS cloud computing Services.

Find Career info indexed some of the most popular Azure cloud computing services used by many Azure cloud engineers.

An Azure cloud engineer mostly uses these tools and services to build an infrastructure and develop applications. Therefore you must have to know about these services if you want to make your career in Azure cloud computing.


Service Domains in Microsoft Azure

  • Compute

Azure compute domain provides the computing machines with multiple instances in the cloud to develop and execute the applications. And all instances could be run at the same time to optimize the performance of computing services. Microsoft provides scale up and scale down feature like others cloud provider; to increase and decrease compute resources, like CPU and memory.

  • Networking

Azure provides multiple networking features, which is easy to configure. Using networking tools you can connect the different cloud resources according to your infrastructure need.

  • Storage

Microsoft endows different types of storage services to store the data in the Azure cloud. According to the requirement you can choose among those storage services. And scale up and scale down the storage devices according to requirement.  

  • Web + Mobile

This Azure domain is completely dedicated to creating web apps and mobile apps for any platform.

  • Containers

The container is a lightweight alternative to the virtual machine. Microsoft Azure containers make your application and software portable to run on any computing environment. Docker and Kubernetes are two popular open source containers.

  • Database

By using the Azure database you can access any type of database (relational and non-relational database) from anywhere in the world. Your database is always available with high reliability.

  • Security + Identity

As the name implies security, is used to secure your valuable data. Azure introduce authentication and identity mechanism to deny or allow the unknown users from the access to cloud services.  

  •  Developer Tools

Azure developer tools can quickly create environments to build an amazing app by using reusable templates design and artifacts. It provides a feature to share your code with others, track your work progress and ship software.

  • Management Tools

Microsoft Azure monitoring tools to watch the logs of the available cloud resources. A user can fix the error with the help of Azure management and monitoring tools.


Microsoft Azure contains large varieties of services in each above domains. Ok, so let’s discuss little deeper to know the most popular Azure cloud computing services in brief and in a simple way.

Azure Compute Services

Virtual Machine

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services virtual machineAzure Virtual Machine gives you the flexibility to deploy a virtual environment on the cloud like you configured in your on-premises servers. It supports a wide range of platform such as Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, SAP, Oracle, IBM, etc.


Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services FunctionsAzure Functions help you to optimize your build application using some backend task, which you define in the function (set of rules). That’s why a cloud engineer called this architecture is serverless architecture. By using the Azure function you can make your application run fast additionally able to reduce delay.



Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services batchMicrosoft Azure batch makes your job easy by scheduling and managing your cloud compute services. Azure Batch is able to handle tens, hundreds or thousands of virtual machines at the same time. Therefore no more queue! However Azure batch gives a feature of queue auto-scaling.


Service Fabric

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services service fabricAzure Fabric can handle and perform scaling up to thousands of cloud resources. It supports on anywhere; either you are running on clouds services or in your on-premises datacentre. Azure Service Fabric provides high-throughput and low-latency to the application running platforms.


Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Virtual Machine Scale SetsAfter deploying multiple virtual machines with identical configurations; you don’t have to worry anymore about the peak and low traffic hours. Virtual Machine Scale Sets automatically scale up and down the computing resources.


Cloud Services

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services cloud servicesThis Azure service provides a platform, where you can write your application code, without concerning the hardware resources. It can deploy thousands of instances within a minute. Azure Cloud Service support multiple languages, such as Python, Ruby, .NET, Node.js, PHP and Java.


Azure Networking Services

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services CDNAzure CDN helps you to improve availability and performance of your application. Especially for those website and mobile apps, who has content like gaming software, firmware updates (Smart TVs, consumer electronic appliances), IoT endpoints (cars, sensors) and live streaming videos.

Its global coverage and massive scalability help you to reduce load times, save bandwidth and make more reliable.


Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services ExpressRouteAzure ExpressRoute is using to make a secure connection between Azure cloud datacentre and client premises infrastructure or in a colocation environment. You can also use ExpressRoute to create a private connection between your multiple branches.

Therefore it is more secure and reliable with faster speed and low latency than public internet connections. ExpressRoute doesn’t go over to the public internet, it makes a direct connection with your WAN (Wide Area Network).  

Azure DNS

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services DNSAzure Domain Name System (DNS) resolves your website domain related queries and reply the IP request with ultra-high speed. It maintains your DNS queries record and performs the quick update for new queries. 

Virtual Network

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Virtual NetworkUsing Azure Virtual Network you can build an isolated and highly-secure path to connect your virtual machines or other cloud resources. It gives feature to secure your cloud infrastructure connection using IPsec or ExpressRoute

Traffic Manager

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Traffic ManagerMicrosoft Azure Traffic Manager endow you four techniques for traffic routing: Failover (backup path), performance, geography and weighted round-robin. It improves the availability of an application by creating multiple redundant paths to reach the destination.

Therefore traffic manager did not let your application down. You can combine Azure traffic manager with your on-premises private deployment.

Load Balancer

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Load BalancerAzure Load Balancer is a helpful tool to divide the workload (incoming traffic) across the multiple instances of the virtual machine. It maintains the speed of your application and doesn’t let your app slow. It supports both transportation protocols (TCP and UDP).

VPN Gateway

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services VPN GatewayVPN Gateway connects your on-premises networks to Azure cloud datacentre through Site-to-Site VPN. You can also use Remote VPN to connect securely from anyplace to the Azure cloud infrastructure. VPN gateway uses Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) and Internet Key Exchange (IKE) to secure the network connection. 


Azure Storage Services


Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services StorSimpleAzure StorSimple gives a complete and consolidates hybrid cloud storage solution for every industry. It provides physical arrays method for deployments in the datacentre and virtual arrays method for smaller enterprise infrastructure. Microsoft Azure StorSimple endows on-demand service for their clients. 

Data Lake Store

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Data Lake StoreMicrosoft Azure Data Lake Store can easily store Petabyte-size files and trillions of objects without any damage to the files. Data Lake Store supports any type of data (unstructured, semi-structured and structured data). After you can analyse all of your data in one place from anywhere in the world.


Blob Storage

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services blob storageMicrosoft Blob Storage is highly scalable object storage for unstructured data. It can store any type of data (images, videos, audio, documents, etc.) at Exabyte of scale. Blob storage can handle millions of requests per second all around the world.


Queue Storage

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Queue StorageQueue Storage provides a queuing service to communicate between decoupled application components. That means whether your application running in the Azure cloud, on the desktop, on-premises or on mobile devices, they can communicate with each other with the help of Queue Storage. If part of your architecture goes down, messages are buffered (store in the memory) and then automatically picked up by other message processing nodes.


File Storage

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services File StorageThis Azure Storage helps you to migrate your valuable data to Azure cloud File storage. And after complete storing your data you can easily integrate with running applications. During migration, you can relax because it stored the data without changing existing code. 


Table Storage

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Table StorageUsing Azure Table storage you can store petabytes of semi-structured data without any problem. You can also use this storage service on-premises environment without sharing to the Azure cloud. Table Storage replicates actual data three times within region. And additionally three times in another region. Therefore you can use your data anytime, it will always available.


Azure Web + Mobile Services

Notification Hubs

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Notification HubsAzure Notification Hubs can send notifications millions of mobile devices with just one single API call. And it reaches to any platform: Windows, iOS, Android, Kindle and Baidu. This notification service provides scalability and can manage up to millions of mobile devices within a second.  


Azure Search

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Azure SearchMicrosoft Azure Search makes easy to add some powerful and sophisticated search capabilities into the running applications. Therefore you can use it to optimize your website or application. You can connect your search results into this; to improve search ranking. Because it Loads and updates according to integrated indexers. You can also use Azure Search for deep learning.


Logic Apps

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Logic AppsAzure Logic Apps is coming from the software as a Service (SaaS); therefore you can use this app to build your application without worrying about the infrastructure. You can use Logic Apps in any environment (on-premises or in the cloud).  This Azure web and app service integrate with Office 365, Dropbox, Google, Salesforce, and Twitter.


Web Apps

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Web AppsAzure Web Apps lets you develop any web apps quickly. And it makes easy to manage your apps after deployment. Web Apps supports multiple platforms such as .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, Linux, windows. You can choose any platform to build your web apps.


Mobile Apps

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Mobile AppsAzure create this service for creating mobile apps. Therefore using the Mobile Apps feature of Azure App Service; it is easy to quickly build an engaging cross-platform and native apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. Using Mobile Apps you can authenticate the user and send a push notification to them. The Apps can work offline. And it gives autoscaling feature to engage millions of devices from anyplace.


API Apps

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services API AppsYou can quickly create and consume APIs (Application programming interface) in the cloud environment using the language of your choice. It’s never been so easy! If you want to place your API to any other location, then it redirects your traffic automatically, without facing downtime.


Azure Container Services

Container Instances

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services container instancesWith the help of container instances; you can run multiple of containers with ease on Azure cloud environment using just a single command.


Azure Container Service (AKS)

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services AKSAzure AKS makes easy to deploy and managing of the open source kubernetes container.


Container Registry

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services container registryAzure introduce this platform to store and manage all the deployed container images. Container registry saves the images close to the deployed container resources in a central registry. So it helps to reduce the latency of the computing services. 


Azure Database Services

SQL Database

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services SQL DatabaseAzure SQL Database is an advance and intelligence that learns app patterns and optimize the performance based on the ongoing situation. For the developer community, Azure SQL Database is a good choice to use because it maintains all the necessary need for an app. Therefore developer can focus more on the projects to build a productive application.


Azure Cosmos DB

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Azure Cosmos DBIt mainly builds to give support to the NoSQL database. Azure Cosmos DB allows the user to develop independently and elastically scale storage from anywhere across the globe.


Redis Cache

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Redis CacheAzure Redis Cache is based on the open source Redis cache. So you can manage Redis cache from any application within Azure securely and easily. It can support various data types like hashes, lists, strings, sets and sorted sets.


Azure Security + Identity Services

Azure Active Directory

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Azure Active DirectoryMicrosoft Azure Active Directory (AD) gives a feature called single sign-on. That is a user don’t have to type login and password again and again to access the application. It synchronized with your on-premises active directory.


Multi-factor Authentication

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Multi-factor AuthenticationAzure Multi-Factor Authentication helps you to prevent unauthorized access to any platform. It sends notification and alert of security breaches in real-time. You can use Multi-factor Authentication with VPN, Microsoft IIS, RADIUS, and LDAP.   


Key Vault

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Key VaultAzure Key Vault encrypt the passwords and make them more secure. It linked with SSL/TLS certificate to stop from data breaching.


Azure Active Directory B2C

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Active Directory B2CAzure AD B2C is a cloud identity service allowing you to manage and identify your end users. Using AD B2C you can restrict a particular user from accessing the services. It helps you to increase your user experience. And it supports multiple platforms and open source.


Azure Security Center

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Security CenterAzure Security Center is an advanced and unified security management tools. Which monitor security across hybrid cloud workloads (on-premises and cloud). Using Azure Security Center you can find and fix vulnerabilities before they can be breached by some hackers.


Azure Developer Tools

Visual Studio Team Services

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Visual Studio Team ServicesAzure Visual Studio Team Services is an agile and compact planning tool. It can help you track bugs, work items, feedback, errors and more. You can build your software in any language using the Azure visual studio.


API Management

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services API ManagementAs the name API implies, this tool is completely made to provide API solution to external and internal customers.  By using Azure API Management tool you can quickly create a secure API gateway and developer and manage portal within a minute. 


Application Insights

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Application InsightsUsing Azure Application Insights you can quickly find out the problems; additionally get details number of affected customers and perform root cause analysis to troubleshoot the causing issues. Application Insight keep monitoring your Azure hosted websites, on-premises website and other cloud provider hosted website.


Azure Monitoring and Management Services

Azure Advisor

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Azure AdvisorMicrosoft Azure advisor guide you personally to optimize your application and all the cloud resources. It will monitor your web application and gives you valuable feedback. You can implement those personalise recommendation with ease to improve the performance. 


Network Watcher

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services network watcherAzure Network Watcher provides a screen to monitor your insight network performance and health. It can capture the IP packets for your virtual machines. So you can use it to diagnose your VPN connectivity and other network related issues.


Microsoft Azure portal

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Microsoft Azure portalUsing Azure portal you can monitor and manage all of your cloud computing services in one place. Using this unified console you can get a real-time report of web apps, storage, databases, virtual machines, virtual networks, and Visual Studio team. 


Azure Resource Manager

Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services Azure Resource ManagerMicrosoft Azure Resource Manager makes easy to manage and visualization of resources in the application. You can organize your multiple resources of the same lifecycle with just in one single action.



Most Popular Azure cloud computing Services AutomationYou can automate and update your complete hybrid environments using this automation tools. Using Automation you can Schedule deployments to orchestrate the installation of updates in a defined platform. So now you can focus on your project, which is really important for growing any business.


By using the above most popular Azure cloud computing services; you can build and deploy a reliable cloud environment; develops cost-efficient and reliable web applications.

Check out Microsoft Azure website for more detailed information about Azure product and Services