3 Reasons, Why You are not getting Interview Calls from Naukri like Job Websites

In most job seekers’ case, these 3 Reasons plays a vital role in not getting any interview calls from online job portals. Online job websites like Indeed, Naukri, Monster, or any other job portals.

Are you are in a dilemma of not getting interview calls, then it is obvious you must have questions like- why I am not getting interview calls from Naukri or other job portals, I applied for 100 jobs but not getting interview calls?

And it might be possible you got frustrated and want to know eagerly; how to get interview calls. Now leave your frustration, because you are on the right page. And this post gives the answer to how can you get more interview calls with some profile modification.

I want to tell you a short story about my life. During my last year of college, I build my profile on every knowing job website, as you do. But unfortunately, I also faced the same issue; not getting any interview calls from the online job portals.

So the experience I am sharing with you is personal (I also got frustrated!). Thank God! at last after making some changes to my profile; I got my first interview call and got placed!

Do you know? Every job portal in the world has set some criteria and processes for job seekers, who are waiting for an interview call.

That is to say; if you are searching for a job and expect to get an interview call through these portals. Then you have to follow all those criteria set by job portals. If you complete those criteria, then I am sure you will definitely get a call from the company HR.

Probably you are not aware of these types of existing criteria and doing some mistakes with your registered profile. Find Career Info will help you to complete those criteria.

One of my mentors says,  interview rejection is not a big deal but if you don’t get any call for an interview it’s a crime which you are going to make with your career.

From now onwards don’t do any more crime, and let’s start with our 1st reason for not getting interview calls.

Reason 1: Uncomplete Profile

how to get more interview calls from naukriMost people don’t know the importance of profile completeness and they only complete nearly 80% of the profile. Whether your profile has 98% or 99% completed you will never get any call until your profile is 100% complete.

Profile completeness has a very significant role in getting calls from a recruiter. Why am I saying that? Because your profile won’t reach in front of HR.

Now you will say that if somehow my profile managed to reach HR. Ok, let’s assume your profile has reached HR.

Then why would they shortlist an incomplete profile as compared to a 100 percent completed profile? Simple the answer is ‘NO’! They would never ever select your incomplete profile.

Whether your profile reaches or not, there is no point in arguing if your profile is not 100% completed. Usually, you will simply face rejection from HR because your profile is incomplete.

In summary, the most important point is you must have completed 100% profile before applying for jobs.

Tips: Fill in every section, which is required to complete your profile up to 100%, whether that section is irrelevant to you, fill something in that place.

Note: Your profile visibility setting should be Visible as an Active Jobseeker.

Reason 2: Being Inactive in Job Portals

Being inactive is one of the reasons for not getting any interview calls. Therefore being active on Job Portal helps to maintain your profile on top of search results. If you want your profile on top, you have to follow these two method

Method 1: Keep updating your profile on a daily basis, for that you have to make changes to your profile every day. This method projects your profile as you are an active job searcher.

Method 2: You should have to apply for at least one job every day from your job portal website. Method number 2 shows, this candidate truly needs a job.


If you actively follow these two methods for 10 to 15 days, absolutely you will get a minimum of 2 to 4 calls a day.

Tips: You can apply a trick to show you are updating your profile every day such as deleting your resume/CV and uploading it again or going to any section and changing some small words.

Reason 3: Your Resume/ CV

I believe, you overcome the above two problems, which I mentioned before. I also consider, you implemented those solutions correctly.

So now you are thinking if I applied those solutions exactly the same as you describe, then why am I not getting any calls?

‘Yes’ you are right, you definitely should have called for the interview.

But, if I say maybe your resume is not up to the mark in front of the company HR. As a result, the recruiter did not consider your curriculum vitae.

In this case, Job Portals did its job very well and it shows your profile at top of the search results.

That means the problem is in your CV and you have to improve your CV quality if you want to get shortlisted. Knowing these 5 tips help to get your resume shortlisted.


A resume plays an essential role to get interview calls. If your resume did not pass the test then, how will you get the interview call?

Always remember, your resume face the first round of interview. So make sure your resume looks attractive to the recruiter.

If you have applied those 5 tips in your curriculum vitae. It will give your CV an extra edge over other applicants’ curriculum vitae.

The job Portal’s work is to show your profile to the recruiters, and after that, its role is over. From now onwards it completely depends on the recruiters, whether they select your CV or not.

If your Resume details look very informative and attractive then definitely the recruiter call you for an interview.

Note: Don’t upload your CV/Resume in PDF Format, because sometimes HR does not have Acrobat Reader to read your Resume, So they simply skip your resume. always try to upload your curriculum vitae in word format.

I hope, these 3 reasons would be helpful in getting interview calls from Naukri like Job Portals.

Let me know what you think about these 3 reasons for not getting any Interview calls from the online Job Portals. Is it worked for you? Share your opinions and experiences in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “3 Reasons, Why You are not getting Interview Calls from Naukri like Job Websites”

  1. very good line by you bro because these tips will help me a lot to make a profile on every site where i can apply to get the desired company responce by the recuriters side..

  2. Er Purushottam Pandey

    Nice thought brother this post gives right direction for candidates who search the job from long duration.

  3. Good information brother, In my case I have got 10+ years experience in UAE as an Accountant and l currently looking any suitable position in Hyderabad location and for that I applied all jobsportal but I am not getting any calls, So I need your advice on my case.

    1. Thanks for chiming in! Akbar. You really have bonny experience. So in your case problem might not be the same. Maybe you filled the salary expectation is too high according to the companies you applied. Thereby companies not able to afford you.
      So either you can low your salary expectation or just wait for the right company.
      Hope you will get the interview call soon.

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