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If you are here that means you are interested to know this career option and want to start digital marketing career. But you are not aware how to start and what are the career possibilities in digital marketing. This article gives you every possible information, which is required to start digital marketing career. 

Fact: Do you know, how much big digital marketing industry is? It’s a $50 Billion + industry (I hope this figure give some motivation to start).

That means this industry needs people who can manage all their digital marketing campaign. That’s why digital marketing career listed in one of the trending careers available in the market.

Here’s how I am going to make it easy for you to start career in digital marketing

You will get to know! About these following information…

  • How can I learn digital marketing on my own?
  • Tips and tricks to learn digital marketing.
  • What is digital marketing and how can I do it?
  • Which type of prior education required to learn?
  • What are tools and skills uses a digital marketing professional?
  • Certifications required for the digital marketing

Besides from these piece of stuff you will also get to know about some necessary resources. That will help you to start digital marketing career?

OK so hold your appetite and let’s start our journey of digital marketing career without any further delay.

I will start with the most basic question asked by many people. Which I feel you have to know if you are going for this career option.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the way to promoting and marketing products or brands via digital technologies.

Digital Marketer needs digital devices for the content promotion. Without the electronics device, this could be not possible.

Here’s the content and products are…

  • Businesses(Provide services to the people or other businesses it could be either big or small business) website. B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) website
  • E-commerce Website (Like Amazon)
  • Personal blog (Like
  • or any items which you want to buy or sell by using digital devices.

What are the digital technologies platforms available for the promotion of the content and products?

These are the following platforms you can use for the promotion…

  • Blog and website
  • Mobile Phone apps
  • Search Engine gives a platform for product promotion
  • Or anything which has visual display

Nowadays Digital marketing overtakes the old marketing strategies (Traditional Marketing). Do you remember the billboards on the sideways of roads? Billboards were one of the famous examples of old marketing methods. And I am sure after sometimes digital marketing would debunk the old marketing methods.

Then a question hits our smart little brain, why digital marketing is gaining so much popularities than old-style Marketing.

The answer is very simple. Because of digital marketing, we can advertise a product from all over the world. Simultaneously users can access and see the advertised product from anywhere in the world just sit in the home.

So it enables many advertising possibilities for the seller as well as for the customers.

For the clear view of how digital marketing is different from traditional marketing. You can go through this comparison.  

start digital marketing career_Digital Marketing vs traditional marketing

What I like most about this career option is

  • You can work from home (You can become your own boss)
  • Not required any high-profile degree
  • Start your career with a little bit of knowledge. No need to become a perfectionist in your starting journey.
  • You can learn many things while earning some bucks ($)


Types of Digital Marketing

Many of us think digital marketing is entirely depending upon Internet (Online). Because many of digital marketer uses a term digital marketing instead of using online Digital marketing.

Although, this would be wrong to say that digital marketing is 100% related to internet or web.

But it is also true most of the digital marketing segment is based on the Internet. So that’s why we generally referred Internet marketing (or) Online marketing as Digital Marketing.

The two main method and strategies of digital marketing is

  • Online Digital Marketing
  • Offline Digital Marketing

So don’t be confused if anyone says the term Digital Marketing. It is the combination of Online + Offline Marketing

Online digital marketing is majorly classifying into seven types

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing

Offline Digital Marketing strategies are

  • Mobile Phone Marketing [Smart phone + Simple phone]

– Cold calling (Promotion of product by using random calling) 

– Text message marketing (giveaways, special offers and coupons)

  • Television product Advertisement
  • Electronics billboards (like in Times Square in New York City)
  • Digital product demos and samples (Mobile and laptop store)
  • Promotion of products via Radio

Education required to start Digital Marketing career     

You absolutely, do not need any degree to pursuing a digital marketing career.

Whether you are in high school or pursuing any college degree, it does not matter. It is your choice when you want to start your digital marketing career. You cannot find any universities and colleges who are providing a degree in digital marketing.

Two reasons behind why digital marketing not taught by any colleges and universities?

[1] Because, digital marketing is evolving every day, so an academic education today might be just irrelevant tomorrow.

[2] The colleges are too slow for this type of rapidly growing technologies.

Many institutes are available to offer digital marketing courses. And that private institute cost you some amount of money. So I decided to write on this digital marketing thing. And I will try to introduce every tool, skills, and the education required to start digital marketing career.

It is up to your capabilities, you can learn those skills and tools by yourself, like me. Or you can go for some best online/offline institution and enrol yourself to learn those skills and tools.

Note: Digital marketing is more of skills rather than colleges and universities academics.

The best way to learn digital marketing is to learn by yourself. You can study digital marketing online you don’t need to go anywhere. 

Yes, find career info gives you a list of resources, where you can learn by yourself without spending a single penny.

Keep reading you will find out. I am not disclosing those resources here because I want you to know some other useful information. And the below information will help you to decide either you are fit for this career option or not.

If you are a person, who loves to spend their time with internet and curious to learn new things. Congratulations! You are eligible to start digital marketing career.


What are the Skills a Digital Marketer possess

  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • WordPress Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Marketing and Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • PPC
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Analysis
  • A/B Testing (Also called as split testing or bucket testing)
  • Landing Page
  • Communication skills
  • Programming Language: Like HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL

Programming Skills, not a mandate skill to start digital marketing career. Because, you can use multiple tools to design your product and content look attractive, without any prior knowledge of programming.

Though if you have known about these programming languages then great.

Note: I want to add-on one more skill and that skill is Passion. If you are not passionate about digital marketing then trust me guys this could be disaster career option for you.

A user redirects to a specific page when he/she clicked a link on any of these platforms (Google AdWords, Email or any other social platforms).  This specific page is known as Landing Page.

Note: Landing and Home Page both are two different things.


Tools use by Digital Marketer

In the below list of tools, all are free to use. I know in the starting of any career money plays a vital role and should be considered. So you can use these free tools for practice and enhanced your knowledge.

  • SEO

SEOquake– Browser Plugin

Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner

Bing Webmaster Tools

Answer The Public

Google Trends

Content Optimization

SEO & Website Analysis

Plugin SEO

Link Checker

Check My Links

Rank Tracking

Google Search Console

SEO WordPress Plugins

Yoast SEO

All in One SEO Pack

W3 Total Cache– to boost your website or blog

  • Email Marketing – MailChimp
  • Canva for graphic designing
  • Adwords
  • Social Media
  • Analytics

Hundreds and thousands of tools are available in the digital marketing industry. So it’s impossible to write all of the names. These are the tools you can use and start your career in digital marketing. For the starting point of view, these tools will help you a lot.

Also, these tools are common and popular in the digital marketing industry. Therefore a digital marketing professional also uses those tools.   

Tips: If you want to make a career in digital marketing then start doing it by creating your own blog or website.  And get some practical exposure in this field to apply those skills.

The most important thing to know before start digital marketing career. What you will be going to do. And what types of workload you would have?


Digital Marketer Job Description

  • Design and implementing the Advertisement for the companies promotion.
  • Monitor the product performance. Like which one of the products currently viewed by users, and how often people search this product. 
  • Monitoring and improving the sales conversion rate.
  • Keyword research and optimize search engine to be the product at first page.
  • Manage the Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter Account.
  • Test the website or any products performance using A/B Split testing. After testing implements the most beneficial methods, which gives more output.
  • Run a campaign to promote the content and product using social media and Email marketing strategies.
  • Identify which product or content generate more revenue as compare to others.
  • Track the website status with the help of Google Analytics. Digital Marketing person can check what the current traffic on the website is and what those users are searching. Other than this you can track or monitor many things using Analytics tool.

If you have read the above article. You know what are the stuff (education, skills and tools) required if you are going to start a career in digital marketing.

So now the question comes where I can learn digital marketing without spending any money. Yes! Definitely, you can learn digital marketing by yourself. However, it will just take your little bit time.

So be patient while learning because you have to read a lot and do not think about earning money.


Where you can learn Digital Marketing (References)

  • To learn the complete SEO you can follow this link

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Content Marketing

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Whether you are just starting out your career or a working professional in digital marketing, it is necessary to be aware of the latest developments in this field. Because, this field is evolving every day you have to keep following someone, who are experts in this field. 

Some recommendations on websites and blog to get followed and you could learn many tips from them.

Tips: To be a long run success in this industry, you must have to stay up-to-date about the latest changes.


Free Certification in Digital Marketing

You can enrol for the digital marketing certification, these online courses would help you to build your skills.

Some of the employers are demanding for the certifications. Certifications give you an extra edge over to the other candidate’s portfolio. That means this certification have some values and helps you to get your first job.

The best part of these online courses, it is 100 percent free and you can learn many useful things while pursuing certifications.

Check out these 3 top free online courses

Google Academy for Ads

Facebook Blueprint

HubSpot Academy

You can participate in Google Online Marketing Challenge to test your skills level. It gives you a platform to create online marketing campaigns using Google AdWords.

After winning this challenge you will get a lucrative amount of money and many more gift rewards For more details about this competition, you can click here

However, to win this completion need a good AdWords skill. This certification is highly rewarded certification in digital marketing. Consequently, it gives you more opportunities to get the job and extremely helpful to start digital marketing career.

Note: If you are not skilled enough to win the challenge. That does not mean you don’t have any skills.

The most important thing is you have dared to participate in international competition, which most people won’t have.  

Not all the digital marketer (99.99%) start their career to win such types of challenge.

Tips: Just focus on to learning new things and apply it on the real scenario. That is the most required skills (Practical Knowledge) in this career option.

If you want to work with professionals you can go for digital marketing apprenticeships while learning at

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Career Scope in Digital Marketing

We are living in the world of internet and as we know the internet is growing day by day. Because of this online transaction also increases.

In today world most of the people want a convenient way to do anything. Accordingly, they are searching and buying a product online. So it is obvious for the companies to change their marketing strategies and move towards the digital marketing.

So now days almost every company went digital. And every single company need a digital marketer to promote their product online in an efficient way.

That shows a good sign for the digital marketing career chooser and inspired to start digital marketing career.


Nowadays, Digital Marketing is one of the great career option to choose. You only have to give 3 to 4 months with a dedication to learning those above skills and tools. The Starting months would be a bit crucial in digital marketing.

Yah! It is a time taking process, so if you are going to choose this career option. Then be ready to be challenged in your starting months.

The success mantra in digital marketing is Read a lot & Implement what you read.

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