What is CEH Certification & Why you should get it?


CEH certification is one of the demanded certifications in the IT industry, which has value worldwide. So if you are thinking to make a career in Ethical Hacking. This certification program of EC-Council helps you to follow the right track.

If you are a beginner in the field of Cybersecurity world; CEH certification will endow you the roadmap for your further steps.


What is CEH Certification all about?

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification is a way towards becoming an elite hacker.

CEH certification will introduce the digital world in a different way that many people don’t have any idea. It is quite fascination certification in the IT industry.

The best way to enter into the IT security domain is to prepare for the CEH certification exam. During your journey, you will get to know many exciting kinds of stuff that would feel like superpowers.

CEH is the vendor-neutral certification that means the certification you will get; work for all types of software, system and other digital devices. It does not matter who (Like Cisco, Dell, IBM, and Microsoft) makes the products. Therefore by getting CEH certification, you can work for various IT companies.


What will you learn throughout the CEH Certification?

  • Networking fundamentals: Types of the network [LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network)], TCP & OSI Model, IP Addressing and Subnetting.


  • What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)? Different types of VPN tools and how to hide Identity by using these tools.


  • How to make a full proof plan before launching and testing the attacks. You must know what you are actually going to do, therefore you need a roadmap to follow. In the roadmap, you mention every gathered information from various sources [Foot Printing].


  • What are attacks and the types? Such as Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS), Phishing, Eavesdropping, SQL Injection Attack, etc.


  • How to be safe from any attacks and mitigate it. So you are going to learn countermeasures techniques to be safe from various types of lethal attack, which can damage your whole network.     


  • Knowledge of various technologies: Networking, web, telecommunications, IOT (Internet of Things) or any latest technologies.


  • Programming language (Basics): C, C++, PHP, Java, Javascript, Python


  • Various types of tools: such as Wireless/Network sniffer, Vulnerability scanner, Exploitation tools, Antivirus systems and programs etc.


  • As an ethical hacker data analysis will play an important role in your whole career to find the loophole or error in the network and systems. Therefore through your CEH certification preparation, you will be going to know; how to do data analysis effectively.   


  • What is meant by Cryptography and what is the role of it in the cyber world?


  • How to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a system like a black hat hacker (malicious hacker) but adhering the laws.


  • The rules and regulation of cyber world and the governing laws.


Education required to appear in the CEH certification examination 

You don’t need any prior education for applying for CEH certification exam. However, higher education always a plus to get the job; like in another field and so ethical hacking.

Therefore either you are in high school or college it does not matter, you are eligible to give the exam. That does not mean CEH certification is easy to get.

So before learning all the above following technologies and theories, you must have basic knowledge of computer hardware and software. And knowing about the computer operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac)

I would suggest learning Linux operating system; get familiar with the commands which are used to operate Linux based machines.

Linux is the best choice for an ethical hacker because all the tools and software you are going to use in your hacking career, supported by various Linux distributions. Linux is a freeware operating system, and it’s much safer than another operating system (not easy to hack).

So the stuff you can learn before applying for CEH Certification:  

[1] Computer Hardware and software

[2] Operating System: Linux (Kali Linux)

So, who can apply for CEH certification & what is the procedure for applying it? Anyone can apply for the EC-council CEH certification. Move to the next heading; knowing the applying and eligibility criteria. 


How to get CEH Certification? Eligibility Criteria

What is the CEH certification exam requirements? There are two ways to become a Certified Ethical Hacker, sets by EC-Council. You must have to fulfil any one of the criteria to apply for the EC-Council CEH certification exam

[1] Official Training followed by EC-Council: You have to enrol yourself for the upcoming exam date to the EC-council authorized training Center or an approved academic institution. And here you have to take 5 classes (5 days training session) to get eligible for the exam.

[2] Experience: If you don’t want to attend 5 days of training; you must have 2 years of experience in IT security related field. So for this second option, you have to fill a form regarding your experience. Then after getting review application of yours by EC-council, you can get approval for taking the CEH exam. Click here to fill the form.

So based upon your suitability and choice you can choose either of one (5 classes of training or 2 years of experience) to give the CEH certification exam.


Why should you get CEH certification?

If your goal is to become a person, who want to save the world from cyber threats. This certification makes it easy to reach your goal.

CEH is the first step to become a Cybersecurity expert. So if you are targeting to become an expert in the field of Cybersecurity, CEH is the must-have certification.


Recommended certifications after CEH: CompTIA Security+ & CCNA Security

Get complete details related to EC-Council CEH certification program such as fees, number of questions, syllabus etc. Click Here

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